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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


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Cosmetic brands that test on animals

Tereza Šťastná

I am mad at myself.

I am upset because I always talk about sustainable fashion, yet I forgot that cosmetics is issue as well. I do publish some cosmetic DIY from time to time, but I made that post recently where I praise Kiehl's face moisturizer that helps me with my skin but I promoted a brand that tests on animals and what's worse, they are part of the massive concern that is famous for animal torture - L'oreal. So, the viral video circulating the internet with the hurt monkey in a cage in L'oreal laboratories gave me the much needed slap that reminded me, this problem exist and it's important to talk about it and pay attention the same way I do with fashion. 

So I have decided to write an article about brands that seem like they don't test on animals but they do. It's a good research for me as well since I am thinking of getting new mascara and foundation.  


One might thought this brand is way over animal testing since the image is somewhere between tattoo parlor and pharmacy. But they do and it's such a disapointment. I love their products but I guess I will have to find another brand that does well with my skin, I hope I will find an alternative and as soon as I do, I will be here with a tip. 


This brand started as a "Cruelty-free" brand but changed its strategy as they entered the Chinese market. In China it's required by law for the make-up products to be tested this way.

It's such a shame when brand looses its values because of expansion. 

Anyhow, M.A.C. is part of Esteé Lauder corporation, that owns also Bobbi Brown, Too Faced a more, you can see all here. It seems that not everyone does animal testing but another suprise, the next brand does as well. 


Another suprose, another disapointment. I have been searching for a make-up that won't upset my dermathitis and will be very light. I got tip to try Clinique but before I made my trip, I found out that it's not necessary to go.  

Yves Rocher

French cheap cosmetic that seems very nature friendly and yet it's not. Here in Czech republic, they unfortunately do very well due to their price and very nice perfumed shower gels. But ever since I discovered Rituals, which is cruelty-free brand, I never came back here. 


Their universal body oil is the "it" product right now. It's a massive hit, being sold in pharmacy as a miracle oil. Unfortunately tested on animals, so use rather the coconut oil. 


Another French cosmetic brand, little pricey. I love their Vervain line, but they are on the black list so no-no. 


Lip balm hiding egg, celebrated by all bloggers, even thought I never understood why. Well maybe for the packaging. Try my recipe, add your own perfume and have all natural lip balm. Super easy. 

Yves Saint Laurent

Big, big, big dissapointment again! They sell the best mascara that looks great and smells amazing. Plus their highlighter is great. Well, let's search for some alternative. 

O.B. Tampons

Yes, even women hygeene products are not spared. Always has been mentioned as a cruel brand before but O.B. Tampons not so much. Plus the whitened cotton releases toxic chemicals from the cotton bleaching right on your mucous membrane and that's not OK. I already wrote about it in the article, here. 

Many more...

Perfumes are problem with big brands like Escada, Gucci, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Arden, Kenzo and more.... plus hair care and more cosmetics... 

Here is a great list of confirmed brands that test on animals:


Minimalism and its hype

Tereza Šťastná

I came across one article this morning that raises the question if minimalism is basically the new equivalent of yoga, kale and green smoothies for rich people of the valley. You can read the original article here, on The Guardian

The article raises a question whether or not is minimalism just the new way of consumerism and even though I agree with the lifestyle turning into massive bubble that everyone is obsessing with and I get the necessity of critique or questioning the style especially when it's pass its peak of trend, I think the author was just biased and out of line hateful without digging deeper into minimalism's roots and trying to understand why this is happening. 

 I really wanted to comment and express my opinion about the matter because I don't consider myself a minimalist from a lifestyle point of view as I am suffocating in the amount of shoes, cosmetics, books, arts and crafts tools and photography equipment stuffed in boyfriend's apartment, but I do love the aesthetic of it and I am trying to incorporate it in my life and mostly I appreciate what minimalism becoming mainstream does to public. Maybe I won't use such a profound language since I am not an English native speaker, but you'll get my point.

Aesthetic and minimalism in art

 Let's start with the aesthetic of it because art is where the minimalism originates from. Before it became art direction it was a thought that sparked all modernist desire to simplify art styles either by color, shape, technique... I won't go into the depth because that would require to dig out all the notebooks from art history class notebooks from high school and college as I have a terrible memory for names but look for cubism, suprematism (not the KKK shit but look for the name Malevich), De Stijl pretty much all modernism styles. It is ridiculous to say that minimalism is only an aesthetic in the negative sense when it was one from the beginning.

Yes, as the society's interest in art is shifting, minimalism gets into our homes in a form of interior design but why would that be wrong? Interior design is form of applied art for once same as fashion design, why would that be something to judge? Remember, I am still talking about the aesthetic only. 

Minimalism in day-to-day life

Since I already mentioned interior design and fashion, the original article throws a mud on minimalism being the "fastest way to be chic" and that is water to my mill (Czech expression). 

Fashion changes all the time, the styles, patterns and cuts, all is re-cycled every season. But we saw some pieces to be worn all the time and never go out of style - denim jeans, single color t-shirts, white shirt, black leather jacket and a black suit jacket, little black dress. Those are the pieces that everyone has in their wardrobe and can wear any time and that's why it became base for creating a capsule wardrobe that everyone talks about now. Maybe we just grew tired of changing trends every season as it costs us money and space. So what is so wrong of having perfectly curated capsule wardrobe containing more expensive but better quality pieces? 

If we look at successful people who gave something to society, they mastered what's called uniform dressing or clothing. Look at Steve Jobs and his jeans with black turtle neck, Bill Gates with shirt and jeans, Mark Zuckerberg wearing jeans and gray t-shirt. What might seems as a lack of inspiration is actually simplifying things as simple as getting dressed every morning. So if you find what is working for you, you look great and feel great in it, go ahead do that. You don't need to be bothered with the latest trends, everything in your closet matches with each other, everything fits and people will start to recognize your signature style. 

The capsule wardrobe is great for the environment as it reduces your shopping needs and creates less waste, it has effect on the mass production chain and saves you money that you can invest in something of a local production, higher quality and fairly paid work. 

As for the interiors, less clutter, easier clean up. Curated pieces that match, less distraction for your eyes. White-on-white in the house? Easier to decorate and change the mood of your house with just simply changing color of pillows. Marble or wooden decoration? Natural materials in your home. Why on earth is this wrong? 


 What I see as a problem with minimalism is, it became a cult. And maybe that's what author of the article meant in the first place. Maybe it was just frustration of how minimalism became this "hot topic" of every youtube video or blog post. Some youtubers admit their traffic came from doing minimalism videos where they all repeat basically the same things and their subscribers bash them for wearing a mascara because "that's not the minimalist way". I am frustrated with this also. This is exactly what sparks the judgement on people who are living minimalist lifestyle. It makes public think that true minimalist are some hippies not wearing any deodorant because when they have the bottle in their bathroom they are unhappy. I get that. 

 I had to check google trends analytics to see how is minimalism doing in search data. 

You can see that since The Minimalist podcast started in late 2015, there has been slight increase of the interest in the topic but then there is massive growth with release of their documentary. It is CRAZY but it also says something about society. We are overwhelmed by the stuff we surround ourselves with and we desire much more simple ways to live. 

 To be honest, I get the author's frustration with superficial society and to some point the overuse of the concept upsets me as well but nobody should feel bad for liking some aesthetic even if it is trend or not. And even though adding #minimalism or #minimalove might be raping the original concept and helping to establish the movement as a new consumerism trend, why would we stop posting it as long as there is a group of people that resonates with it same way as we do. At least it will beat the stupid trend of glamorizing shopping hauls. 


My January Challenge

Tereza Šťastná

 I don't know how about you, but every January I feel like my house needs good clean up. Not literaly good scrub even though that wouldn't hurt also, but my point is that I would love to start a new year with more space so my thoughts can flow freely and I am not suffocating from being buried in stuff everywhere. 

  Two months ago, I started listening an interesting podcast called The Minimalists, focused suprisingly on minimalism as a lifestyle and not design of your instargram account. The two authors, Joshua and Ryan are talking about how much minimalism improved their life by simplyfying it and their surroundings to make space for new experiences and their life. 

They often talk about something called "30-day game" which is a method of cleaning up your house from uselessness. The point is to get rid of stuf you don't need every day. First, you'll throw away one, second two, third three, etc.. It's a great method how to clean up your house even thought it's little extreme. I cannot see myself throwing away 31 stuff by the end of the month. So I am doing my own version and that is - every single day I will throw away one thing. Of course, when it comes to papers or boxes, I won't be saving one for each day, so I am thinking of a complete. 

I know it's already past the 1st, but to me it is important that I started no matter when. But I would like to share with you every time I throw something away so don't forget to follow my Instagram, because I will be featuring things to go everyday in Instagram Stories. If you would like them, write me a message and it's yours. But by the end of the day, it's either in a bag for someone or trash. 

And one last thing. Who's in this challenge with me? 



Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week Backstage

Tereza Šťastná

 It has been over a week since the last show at Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week closed and it is time to reflect. 

 I was lucky enough to see two shows this season. First one was Miro Sabo and second my beloved Petra Ptáčková to which I even got to help a little and yes, I learned a new sewing trick. 

 Anyway, here I am reporting some sneak peek photographs of what is going on in the backstage, because this year, for the first time in my life, I got in. And let me tell you... Things are chaotic as everyone says. But what I remember from art school, the installations were always being finished the last minute and an hour before art jury came, there was just regular mess of installing. 

 Plus, it happens in the biggest fashion houses as well. Would you like to see? Check The Day Before series on, documentary series following the biggest designer names 24 hours before fashion show. 


Everyday Cleaning Tips That Will Save Your Time

Tereza Šťastná

Our house is always a chaos so I should not give advices on clenaing but I know few things that you can do to keep it at least clean if not very neat. 

I found out that if I do following small steps it really pays off and saves me ton of cleaning later. 

Clean the bathroom while brushing your teeth

Every other morning, when I brush my teeth, I spray the toilet with bleach and the sink, bidet and shower corner with natural disinfection. By the time I am finished with my teeth and my face washed, the cleaning formulas are set and I just give it a fast scrub and wash away. Once a week I toss the carpets in the washing machine and clean the floors. 

Swipe the floors when you finish with your duties

I'll admit. I am so bad at this and don't do it often. But I know I should because every time I do it, the next morning I feel like a princess from a Disney movie. Seriously, having two dogs requires lot of swiping and I really want to make a habit that every night when I finish cooking I should swipe the mess of the kitchen floor, all the threads from my work-room and dog hair from bedroom. 

When you're finished using something, put it back where it belongs

It is so much harder to return it to its place after it has been laying there for some time. That's why I think it is absolutely necessary to make it a habit and clean after yourself when you're finished working with your tools. When you do this, there is less crap to put where it belongs on your cleaning day. Just how they teach kids in Montessori schools. 

Don't toss your clothes at the end of the day

Appreciate your wardrobe and treat it with respect. You put it on your body every single day so don't make it trash. If your clothes are dirty, put them in the laundry bag, if they are not, they belong to the wardrobe. My boyfriend always tells me he is going to wear it tomorrow but there is nothing more annoying than folding his clothes for an half an hour.

Use decorative baskets and boxes

In every apartment, there is the kind of mess that you can either organize the real OCD way or if you don't have time, just hide it in a box or decorative basket. So by the end of the day, just go through your home and collect all the loose small items and hide them. Your house will look much cleaner. 

Do the dishes while you're cookin'

I found this to be the best way how to prevent my kitchen from being overloaded by dirty dishes. So when you cook, wash your dishes right away after you use them, except for hot pots. You definitely will not want to wash them right after good time dining. 

To sum all this, don't be a kid and don't leave shit everywhere. Just do simple cleaning every evening and your house will be easier to upkeep. I know I need to learn this. 



How To Grow Your Instagram Followers

Tereza Šťastná

 There is no argument denying the power of Instagram. Glossy magazines were beat by blogs in the early 10's and now the leadership is given to the everyone's favorite app. It allows us to become editors of the content we want to see and except for some dreadful advertisement we have a portion of what we care about. 

Instagram turned from a platform for spontaneous filtered selfie sharing into highly edited feed with concept and a plan. 

So how can you take a charge of your own feed? I have some tips for you, based on what works for me in my work and blogging. 

1. View Instagram as a community

It's social network after all, so use it to your advantage. Give a heart to those who you'll like, comment on pictures, write those you admire. Your account will be hanging at the comments section of those you like, people you like will read it and also people who like the same things like you. That's pretty solid reason not to be stingy with compliments.

2. Make the most out of your equipment

Honestly, nobody really cares for blurry dark pictures. The most successful snaps in the Instagram world are those, who are sharp with balanced whites, good lighting and yes, some good idea to which I'll get in point 3.. Use the camera on the back of your phone instead the front one as it offers more definition or go pro with SLR camera if you have one. Plus, I noticed that pictures with big depth of field do also better than wide-angle especially when you don't want to think about composition too much. 

3. Try to invest in some extra phone lenses or try some special effects

My boyfriend got me these lenses you just snap on your phone and you can do some crazy macros or fish-eyes. The details are amazing and it's worth the fun. As it goes for the effects, you can really experiment here, just cover your lens with something like a colored tape and enjoy. Think how it can make your profile more interesting than the other's. 

4. Be regular with your posting

You can see everyone giving that advice and if I followed it more, maybe I would have more fans by now. But it is so true. The more active you are, more exposure you are getting and more possibilities to be seen. And loved:)

5. Don't troll

From time to time I get someone trolling on my account. Why do they feel the need I don't know. But you know... negativity calls for even more negativity. So? STAY POSITIVE and embrace others. 

6. Use some photo editing app

 There was a time when IG filters were cool. And that time is gone. Download some of these apps that can help you improve the quality of your picture not to hide the flaws. If you want to retouch a little, I can recommend FaceTune, just don't overdo it and use it for some touch ups only. 

Another amazing app that helps me to get amazing results is VSCO. Plus it is another great photo sharing network. 

7. Like and comment... like literary all the time

I know it's the same as the number one, but this is absolutely necessary step. I even read somewhere that to get 100 fans, you need to like 1 000 pictures. So like like like and comment as it has higher value. 

8. Post a link to your Instagram account everywhere

Let your friends, readers, family, strangers to know how they can reach you on this platform. Today we can have pretty much everything connected and that'sThere are even some great plug-ins you can add to your Facebook profile. 

9. When you feel like it, give shoutouts and tags

Shoutout is when you tag some user in the text of your post so whenever your share a pic you took with your friend, tag them and give shoutout. They just might return the favor. Plus it really works with companies in case you want to get them to know about you.

10. Stay sharp

The worst you can do to a nice picture is to downgrade it so much it becomes very rasterized. Be sure, you're posting from an original source and not a render from the internet. The same goes for shooting the picture, always check if everything is on focus, unless your artistry gets the word :)

11. Be original

Publish content that is made by you only or you are the owner of the author rights. I know this should go without being said, but there are few people even around me, who create their Insta profile by posting pics from the internet and I am pretty sure they are also without a consent of the author. Not only it's against the law, but it shows lack of creativity, so don't be a copy cat and create your own content!

12. Don't let it overtake your life

You have only one life, so don't waste it on Instagram. While it can become business for you or bring you some desired popularity, it can also be pretty nasty world. Don't post anything you would be ashamed to show on the street and when you feel like it, turn of your phone and actually look around, you never know when the inspiration will strike in. 

13. Monitor your results

If you want the biggest reach, you need to know when are your followers actually online. Get some statistical service for your account. I use Iconosquare and pay just like $2/month and every morning I have statistics in my mailbox. And based on that I can decide what to post and when.


And that's about it. If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments section! Love you all! 


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