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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


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My January Challenge

Tereza Šťastná

 I don't know how about you, but every January I feel like my house needs good clean up. Not literaly good scrub even though that wouldn't hurt also, but my point is that I would love to start a new year with more space so my thoughts can flow freely and I am not suffocating from being buried in stuff everywhere. 

  Two months ago, I started listening an interesting podcast called The Minimalists, focused suprisingly on minimalism as a lifestyle and not design of your instargram account. The two authors, Joshua and Ryan are talking about how much minimalism improved their life by simplyfying it and their surroundings to make space for new experiences and their life. 

They often talk about something called "30-day game" which is a method of cleaning up your house from uselessness. The point is to get rid of stuf you don't need every day. First, you'll throw away one, second two, third three, etc.. It's a great method how to clean up your house even thought it's little extreme. I cannot see myself throwing away 31 stuff by the end of the month. So I am doing my own version and that is - every single day I will throw away one thing. Of course, when it comes to papers or boxes, I won't be saving one for each day, so I am thinking of a complete. 

I know it's already past the 1st, but to me it is important that I started no matter when. But I would like to share with you every time I throw something away so don't forget to follow my Instagram, because I will be featuring things to go everyday in Instagram Stories. If you would like them, write me a message and it's yours. But by the end of the day, it's either in a bag for someone or trash. 

And one last thing. Who's in this challenge with me? 



Why I don't write about Christmas

Tereza Šťastná


it has been quite awhile since my last post and you might be wondering, why I haven't posted anything about Christmas. 

In last month, I went through some crazy period and I have come to conclusion it's time to reevaluate the whole marketing around Christmas. I follow other blogs and I am well aware articles like "Gift Ideas" would bring me more followers and maybe even some brand collaborations, but you know I've always done things differently. 

Whole december was one big turn in my career. I was thrown off by it but at the end of the day, all those changes moved me forward in developing my own projects and that might be the path I am supposed to lead. So all turned out great. But the stress I have been going through because of it, made its mark. My immunity went to shit and I got some crazy stomach flu, which I've never had before. I was quite exhausted by it and it made me raise how fragile my health is and how much I take it for granted. Forgetting that until recently I was suffering from so many health issues all caused by stress. 

When I look around, I can see everyone is going crazy. Some because they don't have gifts yet, others being dissapointed how their christmas turned out etc.. We bring terrible ammount of negativity upon our own heads, we focus on the bad and have our bars set too high. 

I didn't want to add to your stress and point out the christmas is here in a lightspeed. It is, afterall, holiday of peace and calm. 


Why should us girls support each other, now more than ever

Tereza Šťastná

In the shadow of recent events, I started thinking more about how important it is to support each other. 

Even though us here in the Czech Republic can say that opinions of the President of the USA are not reaching us in any way, it's not true. Maybe we admit it to ourselves or maybe not but american president is a political function influencing the whole world. To be a president and an idiot in the country that nobody really cares about can be a ridiculous and his effect is minimal a might outrage us when give the state honors to his friends, destroy our pride or get drunk with presidents of Russia or China. His mandate is short and has no real power in the world so he doesn't even manage to destroy something and is not a threat. On the other hand American president who is a xenophobe, racist and sexist is a big problem in a society that can really destroy work of all human rights defenders. Not to mention the influence he's going to have on young men who are just creating their opinions. 

Lets not talk about Trump anymore since he's not deserving the attention and energy we are giving him. I would like to react to the words of his opponent Hilary Clinton though she has said during her consession speech. Why? Because it made me realize the importance of women supporting women. 

As we might learn in a history, women didn't have it always easy. We fought for our rights in society and this might set us back few steps. Maybe we will have to face sexism again in our environment, we might face rude morrons that somehow have the idea of them being an alpha male. 

We also cannot forget, that strenght comes from unity. Us women, we should celebrate every single success some fellow girl reaches, we should support each other, stand next to each other and inspire each other. Every success will be proof we have our place in society nobody can take away from us. Let's celebrate our beauty in every shape and size, our skills, intuition and empathy. 

To be a woman should be anything bad and we should not be ashamed for it and hide in the corner. Let's accept ourselves just the way we are, let's learn to love ourselves and let's not play rivalry. 

I have come to a decision to enrich this blogs topics. I would like to talk about women that inspire me, about my friends and their experiences, women that do not fall under the ruling of society.  

For some of you it might not be so interesting as what I wore or sewed, but I never wanted to speak about cosmetics and fashion. Blog is my small world where I can tell my opinions and lead discussion, and I always wanted to have added value as my fight for sustainable fashion. 

So I hope you won't be mad and reach out to me so we can have a dialog about what is really important. 




Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week Backstage

Tereza Šťastná

 It has been over a week since the last show at Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week closed and it is time to reflect. 

 I was lucky enough to see two shows this season. First one was Miro Sabo and second my beloved Petra Ptáčková to which I even got to help a little and yes, I learned a new sewing trick. 

 Anyway, here I am reporting some sneak peek photographs of what is going on in the backstage, because this year, for the first time in my life, I got in. And let me tell you... Things are chaotic as everyone says. But what I remember from art school, the installations were always being finished the last minute and an hour before art jury came, there was just regular mess of installing. 

 Plus, it happens in the biggest fashion houses as well. Would you like to see? Check The Day Before series on, documentary series following the biggest designer names 24 hours before fashion show. 


Major Dog Surgery

Tereza Šťastná

 I am very sorry I haven't been posting much recently even though I promised but my August was honestly shit. 

 As you might know, I am proud owner of two kindest dogs that ever lived - my boston terriers Yoda and Fiona. We've had Yoda for three years now, since he was just a tiny puppy and Fiona, who is now 6 years old. We took her from her previous owners as they searched for a new home for her, about a year and a half ago. 

We love both of them dearly and after a bumpy start, they started to love each other also. Unfortunately couple months ago we recieved bad news as Fiona developed a lump on her mammary glands which has been diagnosed as a tumor. Some time after a good research and number of recommendations for a great vet in Prague, I was at the vet's OR, holding my little baby not to fall after she was given anesthesia. 

 The surgery went well, Fiona was spayed and also had her right mammary gland removed together with the tumor. We got lucky because the tumor wasn't malignant and nothing has spread.

 The recovery time was a pain and we had to make some sleeping arrangements, as she had 40 stitches on her belly and we had to make sure, she won't pull them out, as some dogs do. I have to say our girl was amazing and had been very good patient. Of course, I was still waking up whenever she moved, to fix her post-surgery outfit as it was sliding down and becoming tight around her shoulders and to make sure she is not in pain. It took us two weeks of this special regime in our household but it was soon over, stitches were taken out and she started to jump and run like before. 

I also made her new hospital gown from my old tank top as you could have seen on my Instagram Stories. It was made from very soft cotton, so it was a perfect option and even our vet praised my sewing skills (skills needed for this simple dog shirt are literary none - and took 5 minutes to make). 

 We were extremely lucky but I would like to point out, not all cases happen to be like that. Just two days before Fiona's surgery, my boyfriend's mother lost her dog to a malignant mammary gland tumor that has spread into her lungs, just 4 months post the exact same surgery. I am no expert or professional to make claims and to confirm this information but I've read that it is up to 50% chances the tumor will be bad and that it can be prevented to some point if the female dog is spayed before the first heat. So please, don't be selfish or in denial and consult with your trusted veterinarian about his opinion on spaying as a prevention. 

Anyway, yesterday was the third week after the surgery and Fiona is doing very well. She is practically back to her old self, without any pain, she jumps, runs, plays and her scar is almost healed by now. There is still the second surgery ahead of us for the second mammary gland, but thanks to the tumor being non-cancerous it is not in immediate future and can be hold up for few months. 

If you went through something like that with your dog, I would love to hear your story, so if you feel like it, share it with me and others here in comments. 


Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Learning to Sew

Tereza Šťastná

 They say practice makes perfect and when it comes to sewing it is as important as when you try to learn backflip. 

 Sewing is very easy skill to learn. It uses simple logic and ability to read. Seriously, nobody is asking you to create your own designs. Sewing can be as easy as going to the store, buying a pattern, fabric and some threads and zippers and reading according the manual. That of course is in the case you already own sewing machine. If you don't, get that one too on your way. 

 Before you start learning this skill, you should ask yourself some questions, though. 

"Do I have time to sew?"

 Especially at first, sewing can be very time consuming. You are in learning process and you are gonna make mistakes along the way. And then you will have to rip the seams and sew them again, in the worst case run to the store for some additional fabric and re-cut it again. But we all learn from our mistakes. 

"Do I have the patience to sew?"

Oh this goes along with the first question. If you give up easy, sewing is not a hobby for you. 

"Can I afford it?" 

As with everything, even with sewing you need to make some investments to begin with. You need to get your sewing machine, which can become quite pricey but if you buy good quality machine, you will have it for life. Then there is good scissors, pins, threads, measuring tapes, washable pens and the list could go on. But truth is, you really need only few of those things and as you progress, you can buy else later. 

 Maybe you consider a course, if you don't have anyone who would be willing to explain the process to you, and that's another cost, but don't be stingy on knowledge. 

"How much will one thing cost me to make?"

 Look, the price is all about materials you want to get. At the beginning learn with some super cheap fabrics, because you won't feel as sorry if it doesn't turn out great. If you want to use some fancy pantsy fabric, get some cheap fabric and sew it first cheaply. That's normal process what professionals do and it will save you some tears in case your dress don't fit. 

"What should I start with?"

Don't think you will sew yourself collared shirt with pleats and darts. It is great to be ambitious, but start with some small projects with simple lines. Every pattern has a difficulty level shown, so start with the simplest. Burda magazine also sells beginners version called Burda Easy with many patterns and step-by-step instructions with pictures.  

"Am I willing to spend all my free time at home?"

 As my grandma's sister said to me: "I was very stupid I found this as a hobby because I feel like I missed out on my youth. Sewing all the time at home." I give you a warning, once you start, you will not want to leave home until you finish it. 

"What machine should I buy?"

Do research. Check what is available to you, what is in your price range. Don't buy the cheapest machines they sell in groceries in the home dept. because soon you will want your machine to perform better. Get a sturdy one, in the middle of the price range of hobby machines, if you don't want to invest too much. You can always sell it and get a better one or never return to sewing again. 

"Do I have a place at home to sew?"

IT TAKES A LOT OF SPACE! Think for extra table, because once the mess is out, you don't want it to occupy your dining table. You will work with big sheets of paper patterns, fabrics, the machine is big and there is mess everywhere from threads, needles,  fabric scrapes. Kitchen is really not the place. 

"Is it worth it to me?"

 I know it is to me. I know that when something gets broken I can fix it, I shop less in the store, because I say to myself, that I am not gonna pay for this or that in the store, when I can make it better by myself. Plus it is a great relief from working at the computer all the time. 

Think through your answers to these questions and if you really feel like you are ready: Finally start! Sweing is sexy, ask my boyfriend:) 

And of course, if you would like to ask me something else, write down in the comments and I will try my best to help you. 


How To Grow Your Instagram Followers

Tereza Šťastná

 There is no argument denying the power of Instagram. Glossy magazines were beat by blogs in the early 10's and now the leadership is given to the everyone's favorite app. It allows us to become editors of the content we want to see and except for some dreadful advertisement we have a portion of what we care about. 

Instagram turned from a platform for spontaneous filtered selfie sharing into highly edited feed with concept and a plan. 

So how can you take a charge of your own feed? I have some tips for you, based on what works for me in my work and blogging. 

1. View Instagram as a community

It's social network after all, so use it to your advantage. Give a heart to those who you'll like, comment on pictures, write those you admire. Your account will be hanging at the comments section of those you like, people you like will read it and also people who like the same things like you. That's pretty solid reason not to be stingy with compliments.

2. Make the most out of your equipment

Honestly, nobody really cares for blurry dark pictures. The most successful snaps in the Instagram world are those, who are sharp with balanced whites, good lighting and yes, some good idea to which I'll get in point 3.. Use the camera on the back of your phone instead the front one as it offers more definition or go pro with SLR camera if you have one. Plus, I noticed that pictures with big depth of field do also better than wide-angle especially when you don't want to think about composition too much. 

3. Try to invest in some extra phone lenses or try some special effects

My boyfriend got me these lenses you just snap on your phone and you can do some crazy macros or fish-eyes. The details are amazing and it's worth the fun. As it goes for the effects, you can really experiment here, just cover your lens with something like a colored tape and enjoy. Think how it can make your profile more interesting than the other's. 

4. Be regular with your posting

You can see everyone giving that advice and if I followed it more, maybe I would have more fans by now. But it is so true. The more active you are, more exposure you are getting and more possibilities to be seen. And loved:)

5. Don't troll

From time to time I get someone trolling on my account. Why do they feel the need I don't know. But you know... negativity calls for even more negativity. So? STAY POSITIVE and embrace others. 

6. Use some photo editing app

 There was a time when IG filters were cool. And that time is gone. Download some of these apps that can help you improve the quality of your picture not to hide the flaws. If you want to retouch a little, I can recommend FaceTune, just don't overdo it and use it for some touch ups only. 

Another amazing app that helps me to get amazing results is VSCO. Plus it is another great photo sharing network. 

7. Like and comment... like literary all the time

I know it's the same as the number one, but this is absolutely necessary step. I even read somewhere that to get 100 fans, you need to like 1 000 pictures. So like like like and comment as it has higher value. 

8. Post a link to your Instagram account everywhere

Let your friends, readers, family, strangers to know how they can reach you on this platform. Today we can have pretty much everything connected and that'sThere are even some great plug-ins you can add to your Facebook profile. 

9. When you feel like it, give shoutouts and tags

Shoutout is when you tag some user in the text of your post so whenever your share a pic you took with your friend, tag them and give shoutout. They just might return the favor. Plus it really works with companies in case you want to get them to know about you.

10. Stay sharp

The worst you can do to a nice picture is to downgrade it so much it becomes very rasterized. Be sure, you're posting from an original source and not a render from the internet. The same goes for shooting the picture, always check if everything is on focus, unless your artistry gets the word :)

11. Be original

Publish content that is made by you only or you are the owner of the author rights. I know this should go without being said, but there are few people even around me, who create their Insta profile by posting pics from the internet and I am pretty sure they are also without a consent of the author. Not only it's against the law, but it shows lack of creativity, so don't be a copy cat and create your own content!

12. Don't let it overtake your life

You have only one life, so don't waste it on Instagram. While it can become business for you or bring you some desired popularity, it can also be pretty nasty world. Don't post anything you would be ashamed to show on the street and when you feel like it, turn of your phone and actually look around, you never know when the inspiration will strike in. 

13. Monitor your results

If you want the biggest reach, you need to know when are your followers actually online. Get some statistical service for your account. I use Iconosquare and pay just like $2/month and every morning I have statistics in my mailbox. And based on that I can decide what to post and when.


And that's about it. If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments section! Love you all! 


Lessons I Learned In My Early 20's

Tereza Šťastná

 I am 26. For some it's young for others old. I don't know how is it for me, because I feel better than ever. Finally learned to control myself, know what I want and how to get there. I am my own boss and I know that mistakes have consequences. 

  Summer has always been starting point for something new. And instead of re-evaluating my year in December, I usually do it in July. 

  My early 20's were great. I've learned so much when it comes to work and human relationships in general I am now able differentiate between what is important and what is just a waste of time. I still need to improve my organization and communication skills. But I created a list of lessons learned when I was standing at the beginning of my career and also my relationship with a crazy Balkan guy. 

1. Keep learning new skills

 Knowing how to do something can come so handy. Here in Bohemia we have saying that every skill you learn young, you will find again later in life. When I was 20 I started with sewing and look at me now. I am still learning but I am able to wear what I make. I learned how to knit, even though I don't do it much so I still suck. But I have a solid base for when I will be pregnant and I will be able to knit my baby at least a blanket. Learning new skills will help you find a great hobby and trust me, you'll feel way more productive than checking out Facebook. 

2. Life is too short to hang out with someone you don't have immediate connection to

  You don't need to force yourself to hang out with your college classmates if you don't have a spark between yourself. I tried, failed and at the end it was me who felt miserable for not being able to engage with them. Everybody is different and you cannot force friendship. Those things come naturally and if you don't find someone at your school, you'll find them later when working or just by fate. I found my best friends recently and they are the best best friends I could wish for.  

 And if you want to hang out with someone just because they are cool, you are setting yourself for another friendship failure. They will move on, forget about you.  Just work on yourself and you'll see that those who didn't really appreciate your company for the true you, will want to crawl back into your life as soon as you achieve something. But this time you're the cool one. 

3. It's not important to be the best one in school

  I am not saying you shouldn't go to school. Not at all. But make your best efforts to learn as much as you possibly can but don't get down if your project is not good enough. I studied on a prestige art college which was really hard to get to, but I had a hard times because my works weren't as good as my classmate's, at least according to the professors. And that's fine. As soon as I realized, that I am not good enough artist to feed myself, I moved my creative spirit to Marketing and I work with the biggest companies, making more money than those who did fine at school. Plus I am proud I always stayed true to myself with my artworks. But I still couldn't get where I am now if I didn't go to that school. 

4. Good contacts are everything

 Everyone knows that knowing people in the good places is important. Don't be afraid to talk with people you don't know and don't give them attitude. Who knows maybe you are just talking to the CEO of Coca Cola. I met the most of those people while working as a sales assistant at Nike and become good friend with them because we shared passion - sports. 

5. Don't be too good for some job

 Everyone needs to start somewhere and I am sorry but you are not going to launch your career as a creative director. Work your way up by learning everything from the bottom. I worked 12 hours shift in a store, I had to take out trash, clean stuck gum on floor, price tag merchandise, hang clothes on hangers and deal with some idiotic customers. But you can learn so much from it. If you are doing the best you can, trust me people will notice and you'll find yourself doing much more pleasant job soon enough. 

6. Don' t stay where you are unhappy

 I had jobs that sometimes clashed with my rules, that paid me too little or literary ripped me off. If you work somewhere and don't feel like you are being valued enough (not speaking only about money, but respect) or it doesn't bring you pleasure to give your 100% commitment just leave. You cannot build a career somewhere where you feel like nobody values you or listen to your ideas. You can do so much better.

7. Avoid gossiping

Don't be part of work gossiping. Ever! You lower yourself to elementary school and you can also hurt someone.

8. If you know how to do something and it's not part of your job description, don't say you know, unless you are really happy at work or they offer extra money

 Never show off and say you know how to do something, because you'll have to do it. For free! Let your company hire someone and not save money by enslaving you. 

9. Stay true to yourself

Don't follow certain trends if they don't match your personality, don't pretend you like someone just because they can help you to achieve something, don't try to be something you are not for a guy. And don't be afraid to raise your hand and say your opinion. Once I started doing that, people actually listened and gave me respect. 


All the best to you at the start of your adulthood! XX





Tereza Šťastná

I am so excited to announce new format here on the blog. 

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