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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


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Style Icon: Villanelle (Killing Eve!)

Tereza Šťastná

Summer holiday is over and the time has come, to pull out our transitional clothing. 

As you might know, I like to turn to TV for fashion inspiration. And today is no different. I have a tip for an amazing show, that will help you to get over those rainy days and give you some serious fashion cravings. 

Let me introduce you to Killing Eve.

Killing Eve! is a British Spy thriller TV show about detective Eve (played by Sandra Oh) and gorgeous assassin Villanelle (portrayed by Jodie Comer). It’s a typical cat and mouse sort of story and it will not let you watch only one episode. 

But I am not here to review the show, I want to talk fashion! There is simply no other villain that is as Trés Chic as Villanelle. I guess, being an assassin, you don’t need to save your big bucks for building a house so you can make it rain in high-class boutiques. Let’s talk outfits! 

The most noticeable outfit of the whole show. It’s a statement and very well planned provocation. The fluffy pink Molly Goddard dress is paired with black bra and Balenciaga boots for the same reason we dress up for exams, doctor visits or job interviews. To show that we have our own shit together at the given moment.

This preppy look Villanelle wears in Oxford is so much fun. The hypnotic tie and baggy pants are mocking the typical schoolboy look which is a great example of expressing yourself. So yes, I love that this shows you can look appropriate but still give your middle finger to the world. Something like The Queen and her brooches.

The Alexander McQueen gown is one of my favorites and rightfully it’s one of the outfits with the longest time on screen. I especially love it in combination with the polka dot fascinator. Villanelle and tulle is simply like a match made in the crime drama heaven.

The Amsterdam pink blouse is an oversized silk shirt blouse by Rosie Assoulin. Honestly, that’s a designer I’ve never heard of before, but I fell in love with immediately, while researching for this article. Check out the interview Leandra Medine Cohen did with the designer.

Btw this is one of my favorite scenes of the whole show. And if you’re wondering about the earrings, it’s vintage Christian Lacroix.

If you were to steal someone’s look, this Burberry dress would be the perfect one to take. A, I am very big fan of light blue dresses as you might have noticed, B, I think that this style is very flattering and feminine.


Style Update

Tereza Šťastná


You might want to know about my current status on sustainable fashion since I haven’t posted anything that I would make by myself for the last year.

To be honest, I was a bad girl and bought quite a lot of things. At first, I gained some weight in the past years so some of my clothes hardly fit plus my taste in clothes has changed since my early 20s. Because I work in the corporate world now, I cannot wear so many sporty clothes anymore and honestly, I feel more confident in more “women” clothes. It might be something about accentuating my curves.

But when I went to the stores, I always aimed for something more long-term style-wise in neutral colors or colors that really fit me. Pretty much light blue and black dresses, overalls, white shirt dress etc. Things that will not go out of style anytime soon. Perfect example is this dress made from certified organic cotton. The other goal was to find clothes that are very well made. COS is the perfect store for that. Most of their things is of a high quality, natural materials.


Another great source of clothes are second hands a.k.a. thrift stores. I discovered amazing online one, where I was able to find luxury brands for the break of the price and sometimes the clothes would have a pricetag.

So, yes, I changed pretty much my whole wardrobe which is now full of great materials, fitting clothes and flattering colors but they also fit my current style and age.


Linen Pants

Tereza Šťastná

The time flies so fast. In few days it will be 4 months since I have to get up every morning at 5 and leave to Mladá Boleslav to work. Actually, I don't even mind the commute. I have a great leadership above me, great team of colleagues and I do challenging work that helps me to grow. The only thing I cannot manage is the corporate dress code. 

I have always been that type of a girl, who wore sneakers with decent pants and topped it with leather jacket. I just have to pay more attention to what I put on in the morning. But to get dresses when it's dark and cold takes also some trained eye. 

That's why I made two pairs of linen pants during the summer time. They are actually made from a recycled pattern from my favorite pants I couldn't wear anymore due to being simply ripped appart. If you write me for it, I will make a post. But you gotta tell me if I even should. 

Anyway, I think, they turned out great and to show them, I got the idea of showing you what I wear to work as well.  

Pants - the linen is from Sartor. T-shirt is H&M Conscious Collection from organic cotton. And shoes are Snaha - Czech shoes manufacturer. 

And most important, pictures were taken by amazing Zuzka Tomková


When the pattern doesn't fit

Tereza Šťastná

Why haven't I posted any new outfit that I made? Oh how I would love to give you some sophisticated answer but to be honest, I screwed up big time two last pieces. 

 It's easy to assume that if someone knows how to make the clothes, they know how to make everything to fit perfectly. Well, I am quite the opposite. I know how to make something according to a sewing pattern but when it's time to make alterations I am the absolute zero. True that! 

When you have such an atypical figure like I do, it's hard to find the perfect fit, even to sew. Especially if you're self taught and you get your knowledge from Burda and YouTube videos. Whenever I take my measurements I get results for three different sizes. How am I supposed to get the correct fit? Last Winter I sewed sweatpants - the first ones were way too big, even though I selected pattern according to my measurements, second ones fit fine but I choose wrong elastic, the third ones came out perfect.

Another piece of clothing was supposed to be ruffled dress from the amazing pink silk-cotton blend I found on sale. I worked extremely hard to make them perfect, used great satin lining, all my stitches were straight and even, the ruffle was hand stitched, this time I trully felt like I made some haute couture by self learner's hands. When I was finished with the dress, I put it on and ouch! The dress was two sizes too big and looks like I am wearing pink floor mop.  

Unfortunatelly the fabric is too fragile to rip the stitches and sew it again plus there is the perfect lining so nothing to be done here. What now? 

Another try to use this fabric is the simple v-neck top with spagetti straps. I even went for the same size like the dress thinking that since it's not loose fit, it will fit perfectly since the dress didn't. Surprise, surprise! The top is hugging my breasts so tightly, that I will have to wait after I had breast reduction plastic surgery in many years from now on.

I am obviously very unhappy that I cannot wear any of my summer pieces, at least I have learned to re-measure constantly for the next time. Only if the dress didn't make me look like 8 kilos more than I already am. 


Style Icon: Josie Packard - Twin Peaks

Tereza Šťastná

It have been waiting for this moment for many years. The Twin Peaks series are coming back to our screens with big part of its original cast. I certainly cannot wait and to honor this moment I want to share my yet another style icon, even though she's a fictional character, Josie Packard, played by Joan Chen. 

Josie  was a special character, setting her aside with not only her personality but a style. She was beautiful, mysterious and her personality changed episode from episode. Once she was the perfect criminal, the other very fragile girl. 

These characteristics are reflected in her style as she's the most seductive person even though she's also a bit tomboy. Her sex appeal is just too hard to ignore. It's a powerful woman, that got up from the bottom and took a full control of her body and she's well aware of her power and knows how to use it to her advance. That's exactly how she plays with the audience as well. 

As for her style, she is different from the others. They will wear endless combinations of sweaters and skirts, but Josie is wearing pants, dresses and even sinful lingerie and satin silk robe. 

She wears short pixie cut but gives it feminine touch with simple make-up. We can see her almost in every take with red lips and gold eyeshadows. Nothing more, nothing less. Her character is very complex even when it comes to visual presentation. 

Josie Packard as a fashion inspiration


Sew the SS17 trend: Ruffles

Tereza Šťastná

As normcore is slowly fading to be forgotten, minimalism still lasts but steps aside to make space for maximalism. All blogs are filled with bell sleeves, ruffled tops, deconstructed shirts and ruffled bodices.

And since May the most romantic month is slowly approaching, why not to sew something romantic to wear on nice evening date stroll in the park. Here are my tips for sewing patterns.

Burda 02/2017 #116 - Ruffle Sleeve Swing Dress

Sewing Rabbit - One Shoulder Ruffle Blouse

Named Minya Pelerine Tee

Ralph Pink - Ariani Dress

Style Arc - Giselle Dress


A year with responsible wardrobe

Tereza Šťastná

Last week there was a nice interview with me on Cosmobloggers about sustainable fashion and it made me realize that it has been over a year since I changed my aproach to fashion in a more radical way.  

To make myself clear, I don't want to be profiled as some environmenal snob because at first, I don't support radicalism in any way and at second, it's almost impossible to set yourself appart from consuming completely. And to my opinion it would be buck-passing to refuse one and support the other, even unconsciously. To explain, I would like to bring it to the extreme case scenario: for one to live trully sustainable life, they would have to live isolated from the world and produce their own everything like electricity, build their own house from their self made materials, weave their own fabrics to sew their own clothes. Do you understand me? It happens to me also, I need to go to the store from time to time and I did in the past year. But I would like to share what the year of responsible approach to fashion gave me and took from me.

1. Realization I have too many clothes, I am never going to wear

My family always raised me to take care of my clothes, which is great. On the other hand, they also raised me to hold on to things that I have and create a bond with them. In the past year, I realized what a problem it is. I have my wardrobe full of clothes, that don't fit or don't express me anymore and I don't have the heart to give them away. 

I worked on that a little and gave away many clothes piling on top of each other. The unwearable ones are now my cleaning towels and the rest I donated. 

But when I want to buy something I now have to be 100% sure I will wear it. 

2. Found which fits, patterns and materials are comfortable for me 

I left so many clothes untouched in my closet, just because I don't feel good wearing them. Sometimes it's the way they look on me, other times it is about the fit. And when something is uncomfortable, I avoid it like devil avoids the cross. Truth is that knowing this, I bought only things, that I already wore like 20x times. 

3. There are thing I draw the line at

Socks. No idea how to make thin cotton socks so the only way I see of getting them is unfortunatelly to buy them.  

Lingerie. There are many tutorials on how to make va-va-voom lingerie and I will try them one day. Unfortunatelly I don't know how to make lingerie as today, and I do not have the time that I would need to study how to make it, so I am left to buy it for now. 

Jeans. Denim is a monster that feeds on broken needles, and a stone to my sewing machine. Technically Jeans are not easiest pants to make at least not on my level of sewing skills, so I'don't dare. The fading blue effect is done manually by scratching. Not a chance to make it at home now. There's an option to get tailored jeans but get ready for higher price. 

Activewear. I used to work for Nike and Reebok, so I have pretty nice collection of workout clothes at home and I have no need buying it. But I even though I have been considering making my own this year, I won't be able to sew strong hold bra for my d-e cups. 

4. care is crucial

Maybe it's not such a good idea to say it out loud but whatever. I have a problem with sweat stains. All my white clothes are destined to be ruined from the beginning. So what to do about that? I found that bile soap helps. But about that some other time. Important is, that every time I get a stain, I try to remove it, so I can wear my clothes as long as possible.  

The same goes for lint pilling. Sometimes it appears at places with the lot of friction and makes the clothes looking horrible. But you can spend little money and buy lint remover, that will help you to remove it. There's cheaper version using razor but be carefull because I, of course, made a hole with it into so many sweaters. 

And the last tip is to have clothes for outside and other for home. I bought great pants in second hand last year and already ruined them as I made a hole that got so big, my ass is showing and it's impossible to sew.  :(

5. I've learned to resist

Shops are full of beautiful clothes that I would love to wear immediately. The problem is only in the head. If you don't buy the thing immediately, you will most probably forget about it. I exchanged the pleasure of shopping for inspiration search for my sewing. Plus I've stopped coming to the stores to seek therapy or pleasure. Well maybe for one day only. 

6. sewing fabrics can be hell

The worst is, that it is impossible to find origin. I tried to find some czech manufacturers and I succeeded, I haven't try anything yet but I will order soon. Anyone with a suggestion for a EU based linen producer? I feel that's going to be a hit. 

And that's about it. Lastly, I will share a purchase, I regret the most. This poncho from H&M, I bought year and a half ago. I wear it but it is honestly the simplest thing to make, and you'll soon get a DIY. 



Oscar's Selection

Tereza Šťastná

I had my wisdom tooth pulled out last Thursday and today it's a sixth day laying down with swollen cheek, absolute procrastination over shooting and filming and I am not in the mood to be present online. Ve čtvrtek mi vytrhli osmičku a tak už 5. den ležím s oteklou čelistí a naprostou nechutí k focení, natáčení a rozhodně nemám chuť se někde ukazovat. 

Meanwhile I am M.I.A. on social media, I work, create, think and search for an inspiration. Especially now, with one of the main cultural events of the year, Film Academy Awards a.k.a. parade of gorgeous dresses on even more gorgeous personas.

This year, I was little bit suprise that dominant colours were in natural hues from white to black with the exception of another favorite, red. Have you noticed? 




The first one to mention is for sure Kirsten Dunst and her tiny waist in Dior Haute Couture, because she was the fisrt actress to get my attention. Kirsten has absolutely gorgeous silhuette, do you think it's because of corset? I would say yes, because her waist was a definition of a wasp waist. Plus, I really love this clean, classic and timeless style, especially at occasions like the Oscars. 







Another absolutely stunning outfit could be seen on Felicity Jones. I adore the length that makes her look like a ballerina and showing off her ankles seems so refreshing to see on the red carpet. And did you see the shoulder straps made out of the twisted tulle that is covering the bodice?  I also love the color, even it makes Felicity look even more pale. I guess it is not surprising that it is Dior Haute Couture. 








The absolute winner of the night was for me Taraji P. Henson in that midnight blue robe by Alberta Ferretti. She was stunning from her hair, jewelry to her power pose. It is the red carpet gesamkumstwerk. 









French actress Isabelle Hupert was another one, who looked stunning in her long sleeve robe and boat neckline. 








I like Emma Stone not only because of La La Land, but mainly her character.

I cannot decide whether I like her dress or not. On one hand, they look amazing with the delicate beading, low waist and the wa-wa-woom neckline. On the other hand they remind me little bit of Art Nouveau table lamp that we can see here in Prague's cafes. Emma's look was polished with amazing hair and great make-up - the great lipstick was NARS, glamorous hair with loose waves and simply accesorized. 



Let me know in the comments section, what do you think of this year's ceremony and who do you think dressed up the best? 


White Kimono

Tereza Šťastná

I spent last Sunday at my studio doing some photoshoots, reading and working on blog stuff. 

But I also gotta admit one fail, I bought jeans. You know I talk a lot about how I want to present only my handmade wardrobe and I stand behind that but I woudn't be able to make my own jeans quite yet because they are hard to make and my sewing machine is not quite strong enough fro denim. And I don't have €250 to have them designed. 

 So I somehow told myself it is OK. I calm myself down with shopping too much clothes we don't wear is the real problem here and that's the reason for cheap labor and land polution. The only things I really buy in the store are organic cotton basic tees, underwear and jeans. All of these I wear constantly so my cost-per-wear is vey low. And yes, that's exactly how I clean my soul. 

 Well, my Saturday's jeans survived to be worn all weekends and when I was looking for a top, I realized, I haven't posted my white kimono yet. It's a piece that I made approx. 3 years ago and it shows it was a really great move because such a simple kimono is a classic. I made it in one afternoon and then painted with delicate lines so it looks a little like modern porcelain. Pattern is from BurdaStyle magazine 06/2011 and you can find it online here.

And how about you? Do you wear kimonos? Have you ever tried to make your own or do you know some nice pattern or DIY? Let me know in the comments section below. .


Style Icons: Baroness Pauline de Rothschild

Tereza Šťastná

 As I wrote before, I would like to dedicate some blog space to women that inspire me. And I want to start with a little serie about my biggest icons of taste and style, you may never heard of. When I browse the internet, all I see as someone's icon is Audrey Hepburn. Maybe it's that because we all would like to eat a doughnut for breakfast in front of Tiffany's while wearing little black dress or maybe because we all desire to have such a fun personality as Holly Golightly. I almost get the feeling there was no other.

 Anyhow, world's history hides way bigger gems. Icons more progressive then these trully celebrated ones. 

One of these icons for me is Pauline de Rothschild, born Pauline Potter. The daughter of influential american expats, living in Paris with real blue blood in her veins because her family ties lead to american presidents or presidential candidates to even first american families and now hold your hats, even to Pocahontas (did you know she was real?)

Here is a great video as a short introduction to who she was from documentary show Million Dollar American Princesses.

Baroness de Rothschild is not the typical beauty ideal but her charm and elegance is deffinitely radiating from her, plus it's obvious she had the courage to match her clothes in a way that seems revolutionary to us now. 

Like this gown and cigarette pants. And we are talking about the 60s and 70s, dear. 

Picture source:

Picture source:

Pauline was so influential she even got into the hall of fame of "Worl's Best Dressed List" that is now run by Vanity Fair. 

She is most definitely queen of style because she is the original hoodie and over-the-knee boots wearer, not Kylie Jenner. 


This lady definitely knew how to pose, better than Tyra Banks, just look at her legs! 


Baroness is my style icon thanks to her elegant, sleek, innovative approach to fashion, it's a combination of very feminine and boyish altogether and I love it for what it is.