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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


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Linen Pants

Tereza Šťastná

The time flies so fast. In few days it will be 4 months since I have to get up every morning at 5 and leave to Mladá Boleslav to work. Actually, I don't even mind the commute. I have a great leadership above me, great team of colleagues and I do challenging work that helps me to grow. The only thing I cannot manage is the corporate dress code. 

I have always been that type of a girl, who wore sneakers with decent pants and topped it with leather jacket. I just have to pay more attention to what I put on in the morning. But to get dresses when it's dark and cold takes also some trained eye. 

That's why I made two pairs of linen pants during the summer time. They are actually made from a recycled pattern from my favorite pants I couldn't wear anymore due to being simply ripped appart. If you write me for it, I will make a post. But you gotta tell me if I even should. 

Anyway, I think, they turned out great and to show them, I got the idea of showing you what I wear to work as well.  

Pants - the linen is from Sartor. T-shirt is H&M Conscious Collection from organic cotton. And shoes are Snaha - Czech shoes manufacturer. 

And most important, pictures were taken by amazing Zuzka Tomková


When the pattern doesn't fit

Tereza Šťastná

Why haven't I posted any new outfit that I made? Oh how I would love to give you some sophisticated answer but to be honest, I screwed up big time two last pieces. 

 It's easy to assume that if someone knows how to make the clothes, they know how to make everything to fit perfectly. Well, I am quite the opposite. I know how to make something according to a sewing pattern but when it's time to make alterations I am the absolute zero. True that! 

When you have such an atypical figure like I do, it's hard to find the perfect fit, even to sew. Especially if you're self taught and you get your knowledge from Burda and YouTube videos. Whenever I take my measurements I get results for three different sizes. How am I supposed to get the correct fit? Last Winter I sewed sweatpants - the first ones were way too big, even though I selected pattern according to my measurements, second ones fit fine but I choose wrong elastic, the third ones came out perfect.

Another piece of clothing was supposed to be ruffled dress from the amazing pink silk-cotton blend I found on sale. I worked extremely hard to make them perfect, used great satin lining, all my stitches were straight and even, the ruffle was hand stitched, this time I trully felt like I made some haute couture by self learner's hands. When I was finished with the dress, I put it on and ouch! The dress was two sizes too big and looks like I am wearing pink floor mop.  

Unfortunatelly the fabric is too fragile to rip the stitches and sew it again plus there is the perfect lining so nothing to be done here. What now? 

Another try to use this fabric is the simple v-neck top with spagetti straps. I even went for the same size like the dress thinking that since it's not loose fit, it will fit perfectly since the dress didn't. Surprise, surprise! The top is hugging my breasts so tightly, that I will have to wait after I had breast reduction plastic surgery in many years from now on.

I am obviously very unhappy that I cannot wear any of my summer pieces, at least I have learned to re-measure constantly for the next time. Only if the dress didn't make me look like 8 kilos more than I already am. 


White Kimono

Tereza Šťastná

I spent last Sunday at my studio doing some photoshoots, reading and working on blog stuff. 

But I also gotta admit one fail, I bought jeans. You know I talk a lot about how I want to present only my handmade wardrobe and I stand behind that but I woudn't be able to make my own jeans quite yet because they are hard to make and my sewing machine is not quite strong enough fro denim. And I don't have €250 to have them designed. 

 So I somehow told myself it is OK. I calm myself down with shopping too much clothes we don't wear is the real problem here and that's the reason for cheap labor and land polution. The only things I really buy in the store are organic cotton basic tees, underwear and jeans. All of these I wear constantly so my cost-per-wear is vey low. And yes, that's exactly how I clean my soul. 

 Well, my Saturday's jeans survived to be worn all weekends and when I was looking for a top, I realized, I haven't posted my white kimono yet. It's a piece that I made approx. 3 years ago and it shows it was a really great move because such a simple kimono is a classic. I made it in one afternoon and then painted with delicate lines so it looks a little like modern porcelain. Pattern is from BurdaStyle magazine 06/2011 and you can find it online here.

And how about you? Do you wear kimonos? Have you ever tried to make your own or do you know some nice pattern or DIY? Let me know in the comments section below. .


Oversized Coat

Tereza Šťastná

It's finally finished! Two weeks ago, I posted tips for coat patterns and I started sewing one myself by a pattern from the newest Burda Easy. 

And it wasn't even time consuming and didn't require big set of skills. Well, it required bit of hand sewing but that's great, at least you will get the hang of it. 

The hardest part was the pattern itself because it's quite big and didn't fit on my table and it didn't manipulate easy while sewing. But all bad in life makes us stronger and more skilled and I am even more proud of the result. 

The fabric I used is from Flex-Tex. And these amazing kicks are from Reebok from the Classic Leather Perfect Split collection. 


Oversized Pleated Blue Shirt

Tereza Šťastná

OK, little bit of honesty here. This is a project I made a year ago and tried to shoot it many many times and it never turned out right. 

I love this oversized shirt because it is so simple, comfortable and I feel great in it. The only issue is, it is not figure defining so I really have to be careful how I style it. 

Picture is courtesy of Burda Style Magazine

Picture is courtesy of Burda Style Magazine

I made it from Burda Style Magazine 2/2015 and the fabric of choice is cotton Chambray, the same I used to make the Blue Wrap Dress. The whole process took me about a week as I made some mistakes and had to even write to Burda's office here in Czech Republic to help me find out where did I go wrong. Fortunately, they were really kind and helped me out and I was able to finish it. 

And here is the result.


Bright brick culottes

Tereza Šťastná

Remember the article about sewing culottes I posted about couple months ago? I got inspired by it and decided to make culottes on my own. 

 I went for an easy pattern model #108 from Burda magazine 12/2014 that had elastic waistband (I am not very good with sewing flies) and I really loved the design with the curved bottom fold and how the front part just wraps around the back like a leaf. 

I am pretty happy with the result even though I think I made it two sizes bigger than it actually should be and I have a lot of gathering on the waist making my hips little bit wider. But other than that I think they look pretty fly.