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Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Learning to Sew

Tereza Šťastná

 They say practice makes perfect and when it comes to sewing it is as important as when you try to learn backflip. 

 Sewing is very easy skill to learn. It uses simple logic and ability to read. Seriously, nobody is asking you to create your own designs. Sewing can be as easy as going to the store, buying a pattern, fabric and some threads and zippers and reading according the manual. That of course is in the case you already own sewing machine. If you don't, get that one too on your way. 

 Before you start learning this skill, you should ask yourself some questions, though. 

"Do I have time to sew?"

 Especially at first, sewing can be very time consuming. You are in learning process and you are gonna make mistakes along the way. And then you will have to rip the seams and sew them again, in the worst case run to the store for some additional fabric and re-cut it again. But we all learn from our mistakes. 

"Do I have the patience to sew?"

Oh this goes along with the first question. If you give up easy, sewing is not a hobby for you. 

"Can I afford it?" 

As with everything, even with sewing you need to make some investments to begin with. You need to get your sewing machine, which can become quite pricey but if you buy good quality machine, you will have it for life. Then there is good scissors, pins, threads, measuring tapes, washable pens and the list could go on. But truth is, you really need only few of those things and as you progress, you can buy else later. 

 Maybe you consider a course, if you don't have anyone who would be willing to explain the process to you, and that's another cost, but don't be stingy on knowledge. 

"How much will one thing cost me to make?"

 Look, the price is all about materials you want to get. At the beginning learn with some super cheap fabrics, because you won't feel as sorry if it doesn't turn out great. If you want to use some fancy pantsy fabric, get some cheap fabric and sew it first cheaply. That's normal process what professionals do and it will save you some tears in case your dress don't fit. 

"What should I start with?"

Don't think you will sew yourself collared shirt with pleats and darts. It is great to be ambitious, but start with some small projects with simple lines. Every pattern has a difficulty level shown, so start with the simplest. Burda magazine also sells beginners version called Burda Easy with many patterns and step-by-step instructions with pictures.  

"Am I willing to spend all my free time at home?"

 As my grandma's sister said to me: "I was very stupid I found this as a hobby because I feel like I missed out on my youth. Sewing all the time at home." I give you a warning, once you start, you will not want to leave home until you finish it. 

"What machine should I buy?"

Do research. Check what is available to you, what is in your price range. Don't buy the cheapest machines they sell in groceries in the home dept. because soon you will want your machine to perform better. Get a sturdy one, in the middle of the price range of hobby machines, if you don't want to invest too much. You can always sell it and get a better one or never return to sewing again. 

"Do I have a place at home to sew?"

IT TAKES A LOT OF SPACE! Think for extra table, because once the mess is out, you don't want it to occupy your dining table. You will work with big sheets of paper patterns, fabrics, the machine is big and there is mess everywhere from threads, needles,  fabric scrapes. Kitchen is really not the place. 

"Is it worth it to me?"

 I know it is to me. I know that when something gets broken I can fix it, I shop less in the store, because I say to myself, that I am not gonna pay for this or that in the store, when I can make it better by myself. Plus it is a great relief from working at the computer all the time. 

Think through your answers to these questions and if you really feel like you are ready: Finally start! Sweing is sexy, ask my boyfriend:) 

And of course, if you would like to ask me something else, write down in the comments and I will try my best to help you. 


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