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My SPA Treatments At Home

Tereza Šťastná

I remember, when I was teenager I would spend long hours after school practicing my make-up skills. Maybe as a result of that my life is affected with perioral dermatitis, which makes my skin around the nose and chin red and bumpy. Sometimes it's called "flight assistant's disease" I guess, because they had to use make-up all the time. I don't know if this is true but I am sure historically make-up quality was much worse than today. 

I am not going to go to details about the disease, we all have doctor google for that (or better, our dermatologist) but I am going to tell you this: 

Your skin needs to have days without make-up! 

Luckily, I work from home, so I don't get to wear make-up very often. But when I do, I go for good quality and texture, or BB cream only. My favorite these days is from Gosh because it doesn't affect my skin in any way, feels very light and has great tint, plus this brand doesn't test on animals. (Lancome BB cream was great with texture but it irritated my super sensitive skin)

And when in need of extra cleaning I do home-made sugar scrub out of coarse sugar and honey. With this mixture I scrub my lips mostly but from time to time I use it as a full body treatment. You can also add bit of coconut oil. 

I am also proud owner of the face steam sauna from Quirines, which looks very vaginal for some reason but it is great for getting toxins out of my skin so I make sure that I use it every Sunday as a cleanse. If you don't want to get this tool (it's one of those things nobody really needs) you can very easily pour hot water into a bowl, add some aroma oil or herbs and put your face above with head covered in towel. Same shit. Plus this works great when you have a cold. 

Also, to keep my skin nourished, I treat my face with thick layer of vaseline based herbal creams. Either made from marigold or chamomile as they are both calming. I keep the cream for couple hours and than just wipe off the excess. 

And if you want to be über-fancy, drink some infused flower water. I did all article on them here.