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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


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Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week Backstage

Tereza Šťastná

 It has been over a week since the last show at Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week closed and it is time to reflect. 

 I was lucky enough to see two shows this season. First one was Miro Sabo and second my beloved Petra Ptáčková to which I even got to help a little and yes, I learned a new sewing trick. 

 Anyway, here I am reporting some sneak peek photographs of what is going on in the backstage, because this year, for the first time in my life, I got in. And let me tell you... Things are chaotic as everyone says. But what I remember from art school, the installations were always being finished the last minute and an hour before art jury came, there was just regular mess of installing. 

 Plus, it happens in the biggest fashion houses as well. Would you like to see? Check The Day Before series on, documentary series following the biggest designer names 24 hours before fashion show.