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My tips on saving the water


My tips on saving the water

Tereza Šťastná

It's crazy heat wave here. All I have planted in the garden dried up and the satellite pictures on the internet look like we were living closer to the equator. On the other hand it's great we have sunny summer, but those thunders are well appreciated.  

And during days like these, it's quite necessary to realize how precious our water is and start being conscious. I believe that everyone should start from changing their own habbits. Following list is of those things that I have started to do at home, in order to use our water more efficiently . 

1. Turning off the tap while brushing teeth

We should be brushing our teeth for two minutes. Can you imagine, how much water will be lost during that time? I've started just dipping my toothbrush into the water and drink the rinse water from a glass. 

2. Water from boiled eggs is great. 

The shell is a great source of calcium, so when you boil your eggs, it releases to the water. So just keep the mineral water and use it later on for your plants. They will be prospering. 

3. Using of leftover water

Planted pots are great place where to dump your leftover water. By that I mean water from the dryer (Yes, we do have a dryer for all the air bnb), water leaking from AC (yes our leaks), water in glass that someone hasn't finished, water from defrosting the freezer, water from dog bowls. 

4. Smart laundry

 I never run the washing machone unless really full and I use the shortest program. Using the long ones is not effective and it is very costly. Trust me, your machine will do the same job, even when running with lower temperature for the shorter time. Well, unless you have very dirty laundry from puking baby.

5. Collecting rainwater

I have the advantage, our window sills are very big, because I can use it for my rain collecting bowl. Again, great for flowers. Isn't urban gardening great? 

6. Mindfull shower

We are lucky enough to have big bathtub, even though I hardly use it. It has been months since I filled it in last time. I rather shower in the logical order. I wet my hair, turn off the water and use shampoo. Afterwards I wash the shampoo out and turn of the water again. Then I scrub my body, dirty summer sandal feet. Then I apply conditioner and soap on my body and wash off. When it's time to use the epilator, I do the dry method with baby powder, not with razor and cream. I like it more and there's no need for rinse. 

7. Dishwasher

Dishwasher is a great solution for your kitchen. These days, you can even get eco soaps, so it's a great way to save water and minimise your toxic footprint. 

How about you? How do you save more water?