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Girls only


Girls only

Tereza Šťastná

 I apologize my men audience but this post is entirely women's matter. I don't mean to gross anyone out so do not go on reading unless you are sure you can handle period talk. 

 That's right, yesterday was International Women's Day so I want to embrace my womanhood by sparking up this little conversation about the time of the month we are dreading. 

 When I got my first period I was eleven, about to go compete at regional competition in dance aerobics (big trend back then) and I remember waking up in the morning with cramps thinking it's out of being nervous My parents left the house already as they went on some trip. I saw what happened and sent message to my mom, too scared to call to which she replied to take a pad and wash my panties in cold water with soap. I did exactly that and went to my regionals. 

 That day I failed big time. I was cramping, the pad was visible under my leggings especially when I did all those leg kick ups. I was angry that this is happening to me. That night mom and I had "the talk" in which she explained I cannot take a bath during my days and that I should use pads instead of tampons because it's just healthier. I followed my mother's order for about a year thinking why is that the tampons have the "gynecologist association recommended" badge and why should be piece of thick plastic stuck to my genitals healthier when we learned at school about all those diseases caused by no airflow in such a moist area. And why the hell, I cannot take bath only during these days? 

 Well, year after that I converted to the tampon religion and still took long warm baths because it was so relieving to the cramping. I've learned many things about my body and how to manage the period. As I get older I get moodier during my PMS, really bitchy and hateful to be correct (I apologize to all that cross my path these days), my cramps are getting stronger same as the desire for Ben & Jerry's. 

  Last month I made a discovery (internet did to be exact) and read about harmful pesticides in tampons, pads and all the medical cotton products. I am not sure if it's hoax or real study I started thinking again, that tampons might really not be the best solution, as they suck all the moisture out and leave tiny thread pieces inside. And then this video happened: 

  I always thought that menstrual cup is some kind of tree hugger thing. Have you ever heard the story about lady who uses the cup and then pours the blood as a fertilizer on her garden and has had delicious tomatoes ever since? That kind of sh** made me so judgy towards using this hippie thing. But if cute vloggers are all about the cup (I guess as a boycott to the luxury tax on tampons in the US) I might give it a shot as well. 

 And here I am, I survived first month using the cup and I loved it! Everyone, (including my boyfriend) who says it's disgusting should think. Honestly everything period related is gross no matter what blood collecting thing you use. You see the blood with every method and pads and tampons are in your bin even couple days later. I cannot say if it made my period shorter or less painful but I felt great, didn't have to hit the bathroom every 6 hours and all the experience was much cleaner. 

  Girls, learn from my mistake and don't judge the cup as something only those nature freaks do. Don't give a sh** what your boyfriend thinks about it or anyone else. Just do what you think is helping you personally, it's your health and your vagina. 

And be proud to be a girl, because we can rock! 

Love, Tereza

P.S. Title photo was made by Shamim Nakhai for Unsplash