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DIY Project - Pearl Embellished Shirt


DIY Project - Pearl Embellished Shirt

Tereza Šťastná

 Today I have very simple DIY project that anyone can do in a blink of an eye without having some sewing experience.

I got the idea for this DIY, while I was watching Full House. In about season 6 e17, there is an episode when Stephanie gets assignment with a boy at school that is beaten up by his dad. And yes she wears this amazing pearl embellished shirt. 

It makes for a perfect "Back To School" project. I know that your summer break is not even in its half but you can start ahead with the preparations. 

What you'll need: 

  • around 50 glass pearls of different sizes (according to what you plan to embellish)
  • old shirt from closet or thrift store
  • washable marker for textiles
  • needle and a white thread plus some scissors


  • Pick your shirt and lay it buttoned up on a flat surface.
  • Mark the placement for pearls with the washable marker. Starting with the body part of the shirt and working your way up to the details.
  • Thread your needle and start sewing up the pearls again starting with the body and finish with the details.
  • You can use higher density of pearls on places like collars, pockets, sleeves. 
  • Try on and check for any loose pearls and in case of finding any re-sew them.

Have fun and don't forget to share your results with me at my Facebook or Instagram using @dogandpineapple and I will be happy if you subscribe to my YouTube channel.