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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


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Tereza Šťastná

Recently, I wrote about our move to the new apt. And this time, I will tell you about our decision to update it. 

When we moved here, we knew already that floor reconstruction will be needed. Prague flats usually have amazing hardwood floors and our flat is no exception but it was covered in gloss coat that has been peeling of. Since we were doing the floors, we also decided to paint. And it all went from there. 

 So to the painting we added painting the roof beams. At this point we fucked up, as Sasho used dark brown acrylic paint. It looked horrible, so I told him to buy white acrylic and he bought ivory. Both looked horrible and we decided that the best solutions is to sand off all the old and new paint and use just wood stain. It prolonged the reconstruction but it is worth it. 

 Another thing to repaint was the stair rails. It used to be in very nice matte black before but someone covered it in ugly silver paint that made it look very cheap. So we decided to go back to matte black. And it very nicely complemented to the waxed floor so the apt. is now 3 levels hgher. 

Plus for some time I have been convincing Sasho to change the lights as I hate the flat ceiling plates. He always made a face like it's not neccessary but the whole reconstruction process made him feel macho and he agreed. So we put spot lights. He actually loved the result so much he changed lights in the whole apartment. Spot lights are great way to focus the light to the places you really want to pop out and the whole room looks on another level. 

Of course I was checking out things on Pinterest for inspiration and saw some great kitchen counters, so I send it to my guy and epected answer like: "Are you insane?" but I received "Great, let's do this. So since we didn't want to invest in new kitchen, we just painted it black and added leather handles. Such an easy way but great lift up. 

Lastly, we changed some small details like ugly couch, light up dark spots and we would like to buy new fridge, leather couch and closets. But that some other time. Now just look how it all went down. 


Why I exchanged wardrobe for a garden

Tereza Šťastná

 All of you, who know me personally, know I really love fashion. I watch catwalk streams from all over the world, I follow fashion personalities, I search for new talents, opinions, materials. And even though I've never been real part of this world I got to peek into it in the same way as I got to know the art community that I have sort of came from. Although it was alright to meet up with all those interesting people, I discovered it blocks my creativity instead of evolving it and I focus more on them than myself. 

  So I have come to interesting conclusion. I have to do, what actually charges me and inspires me. 

 Walk at a Museum is great as well as Parizska street, they are very creativity stimulating, it is not something I would done regularly. I was always most myself when I got to be in nature where I get the chance to reconnect with my roots. 

I believe that I might be getting overwhelmed by everything that's happening. I get frustrated by the politics, commercials screaming at me on the internet, tv, books. So that's why I need to be somewhere I can build something, put my energy into it. 

I just need to go somewhere to breathe.


Lookback to 2017

Tereza Šťastná

First week in the year is officially over and I finally had a moment to realize what I want in 2018 and also to reflect what 2017 brought. 

When I look back one year ago, I remember the insecurity I entered it with. I was loosing a client by the end of January that was a big part of my salary. And when they announced me, the cooperations will end by the beginning of January, I was really worried how will I do in 2017 money-wise. Then the second hit from another client came, as they gained the opinion, there is no need for online marketing for them. That didn't t really calm me down. With all that on my plate, my best friend gave birth and I knew that things are not going to be as they used to and I knew that 2017 is going to be transformational from more than one perspective. 

 As it usually is, as one opportunity closes, the other one arises. One job opportunity showed up but it turned to be a bad one and not only it costed me money but also my friendship. It helped me to decide, I do not want to freelance for small companies as it takes more energy and smaller clients usually don't understand the importance you have for them. I quit my job also, as I had no perspective of moving anywhere and my personal development was last on my boss's list. They gave no trust in my creativity and projects. So when I received offer from one headhunter, I accepted the offer and became HR Marketing Manager at SKODA AUTO. And I won. Left my last job in order to welcome new personal development opportunities. 

I've met great group of people, got great leadership that wants me to grow and improve, I work with great agencies and many things settled in my mind. Yes, I have less free time to do my personal projects but I am currently very happy with how things are. 

And now, me and my friend are on a good way to get our friendship to where it was. I guess you could say, that everything settles. One gets what he has on his mind. If you are to be unhappy from something, start from yourself. If you're unhappy, try to think how you can imrpove your situation. Every single tragedy I experienced in my life moved me forward and I am happy for it. 

So try to approach your life with a little bit more of a distant perspective. Happy 2018! 




Tereza Šťastná

How did you enjoy the Holidays? 

I decided, I will rest during the celebration time, physically and mentally. The before-holidays-rush really took its toll on me as it was quite an extreme since I had to finish up one big project at work, plus also had to prepare my home for celebration with my sister and dad. 


I finished the work project and spend 21st and 22nd shopping for gifts and on 23rd I was preparing Christmas Eve (divorced parents) family dinner with my dad. Thankfully we stayed at Prague so Sasho and our two dogs could join as well. 

The next day I went to pick up my sister and we went together to celebrate Christmas Eve with mom a and the Christmas Day with wider family. This time is always full of mixed emotions and feelings and it's not always great for me. We have some members of the family who really don't like celebrating with family and even thought it should be a holiday of forgiveness and love, it doesn't always feel like it and the toxic atmosphere spoils it for me. Christmas is not always a pink love holiday, but we should make the best effort to make the best out of it and we should try to get along. 

 Aside from that, the holidays were quite nice. It was great to get together and dine as we never do during the year, give a little bit of that hapiness and I even managed to make my mom's dream come true. 


On 26th I got a flu, so three next days I wasn't able to do anything and I have a feeling I really haven't enjoy the free time, but that happens. 

If you are interested in what I got, well this year I am really happy and the Ježíšek (Czech version of Santa is Baby Jesus) brought me such a nice gifts. There was a new iPhone, nice earrings, great books, very nice scented candles and plenty of bath cosmetics. I will show them later on. 

But now I am interested, what did you do during the holidays? What did you get and mainy, how do you celebrate with your family? Let me know. 

Pa T. 


My summer news

Tereza Šťastná

How does it feel when your life suddenly changes? It's exhausting yet very exciting. But you might be wondering what I am talking about, right? 

Now, don't you think I didn't want to write anything, when in the truth, just almost two months ago I took a step to the unknown and it has been a ride ever since. I changed my job. 

 In recent years, I was set up in very easy flow working environment that many of you desire, I am sure. I was a freelancer so I worked from home and was in charge of my own day. Pretty much. I woke up on my own schedule mostly, walked the dogs, ate breakfast and started working. All my day was dictated mostly by needs of my clients and my own projects, including this blog. But this sort of workday lasted till 7 or 8 p.m. and I didn't really get to enjoy the day. Plus I was closed at home all the time.  

Can you guess how many steps from the recommended 10 000 I did in a day? Hardly 2 000. And with more than 10 hours of work I was closed in my bubble that made me fatter and less active.  

I told myself I really need a change so I started to look around for something new. Coincidentaly I got a call from one sweet headhuntress with a proposition to work for one of the biggest Czech companies as a project manager. I was backing off at first, because this position requires me to travel every day. But more I found out about the offer, the more I was inclined to accept because so many things were setting so nicely that I came to conclusion I should accept. 

 It's a challenge that I have been diving into last two months. Instead of getting up at 8 I have to get up at 5:30 a.m. After I leave, it's an one hour drive and I am just starting to drive so it's sort of a drama for me. Right after it's a day filled with new learnings. After that return to Prague and then household work. That's my new everyday. Maybe a routine for some, and you might consider it a step back. For me it's a step further, a challenge that brings a new regime. Just so you know, I tripled my daily step count, I started eating regularly and lost 3 kilos already, after I get home I have no extra work and can use my time effectively like sewing, exercise and rest. Plus I will learn to drive properly. 

 I am not going to explain to you about how these changes are bringing a stress and how tired I am. But I am truthfully happy, I can work on things with purpose and I know the things I work on matter. So don't be mad with lack of articles, but when I get the hang of it all, I'll also write more. 


What has happened to my hand?

Tereza Šťastná

I posted pictures on Instastories but I haven't explained yet, what really happened. And so today is such a mini anniversary of the event and I am writing to tell it all. 

My family has decided to celebrate Easter weekend together at our cottage at Vysočina region, including my Sasho and our two dogs. I was nervous because I knew from the past, that they are not very big friends with my mom's dog but I got convinced we will manage them all at our big garden. 

When we came on Friday, we released our two pooches to the garden and afterwards Charlie (westie) who was in the building since my father was out playing golf. 10 minutes has passed and there were some conflicts between them so we decided to separate them. Fortunatelly enough we have two parts garden, each separated by fence, so Yoda and Fiona could be closed in one and Charlie second one. All we had to figure out were holes in the fence because Charlie is Mr. Escape and he is able to knock out wood from a fence just to check out local bitches. We managed somehow to close the holes and we could relax for a bit. I played with our couple, while Sasho played with Charlie - for about a minute. Mr. Escape then started searching for a way to get in and that he did. He went bonkers in a second and attacked Yoda so their life or death fight started.  

I am not going to explain we've been through training but I am no expert so the only way I knew how to solve the situation was to tear them appart. Have you ever tried to hold on to a 10 kg heavy dog on each arm? Of course they got loose and started snapping at each other frantically while sasho was trying to open the coroded doors and get to us. Meanwhile those two idiots bite into my thumb. Yoda to the thumb muscle and charlie to the finger itself and they started ripping. Few seconds later Sasho got finally in and teared those insane beasts apart. At that point I noticed that the bites are actual skin puncture bites and not only that, my thumb was ripped open, muscles injured and there was a blood streaming. 

It sounds like a long event, I know, but I think it all happened under one or two minutes. Sasho closed the dogs in the house, separately of course and we went to the bathroom to see and clean up the mess, pulling dog's hair out of my wound. I went into shock and was about to faint so I started to repeat: "we need to get to the hospital". Fortunately I saw that my autopilot works just fine because all I had in mind was to wrap my hand in clean towel and raise it above the heart so it doesn't bleed much. We sat in the car and drove off to the nearest city to find a hospital. 

We didn't find any as well as any doctor who would take care of emergency on friday evening. We had to drive to another city further away. 

As we arrived we rushed into the main building and I was finally under supervision of bitchy nurse that would deserve a slap and doctor with the biggest ego like he is some kind of best traumatologist in the Republic. I had to go to the OR and there I listened to the doctor blabbing how important it is that he cleans it perfectly and that he is the greatest doctor of all, plus he showed me how his tools can go through and through my hand. When I asked the nurse, if she would be so kind and cleaned wound on my other hand as well she just told me to go and wash it off in the second room and come back for some disinfection. On top of everything they called Sasho to be exotic boyfriend for which I kind of blame living in redneck town even though 90% of them will go to the balkan this summer for their vacation. 

Cast on top of it, antibiotics, bed rest orders and bring a paper claiming my dog doesn't have rabies. That was the end of this episode. By Monday morning I would be taken care of in Motol, here in Prague, where all the doctors were amazing and treated me the best way possible. 

Four weeks later, my wounds are closed but far from healed. Tendons are OK, but the swelling on the joints make my thumb unable to move, the scar is hard and muscle shortened. It will be long physio. I have damaged nerves as I lack feeling on my thumb's sides and the movement is horrid. I call it Barbie thumb. 


A year with responsible wardrobe

Tereza Šťastná

Last week there was a nice interview with me on Cosmobloggers about sustainable fashion and it made me realize that it has been over a year since I changed my aproach to fashion in a more radical way.  

To make myself clear, I don't want to be profiled as some environmenal snob because at first, I don't support radicalism in any way and at second, it's almost impossible to set yourself appart from consuming completely. And to my opinion it would be buck-passing to refuse one and support the other, even unconsciously. To explain, I would like to bring it to the extreme case scenario: for one to live trully sustainable life, they would have to live isolated from the world and produce their own everything like electricity, build their own house from their self made materials, weave their own fabrics to sew their own clothes. Do you understand me? It happens to me also, I need to go to the store from time to time and I did in the past year. But I would like to share what the year of responsible approach to fashion gave me and took from me.

1. Realization I have too many clothes, I am never going to wear

My family always raised me to take care of my clothes, which is great. On the other hand, they also raised me to hold on to things that I have and create a bond with them. In the past year, I realized what a problem it is. I have my wardrobe full of clothes, that don't fit or don't express me anymore and I don't have the heart to give them away. 

I worked on that a little and gave away many clothes piling on top of each other. The unwearable ones are now my cleaning towels and the rest I donated. 

But when I want to buy something I now have to be 100% sure I will wear it. 

2. Found which fits, patterns and materials are comfortable for me 

I left so many clothes untouched in my closet, just because I don't feel good wearing them. Sometimes it's the way they look on me, other times it is about the fit. And when something is uncomfortable, I avoid it like devil avoids the cross. Truth is that knowing this, I bought only things, that I already wore like 20x times. 

3. There are thing I draw the line at

Socks. No idea how to make thin cotton socks so the only way I see of getting them is unfortunatelly to buy them.  

Lingerie. There are many tutorials on how to make va-va-voom lingerie and I will try them one day. Unfortunatelly I don't know how to make lingerie as today, and I do not have the time that I would need to study how to make it, so I am left to buy it for now. 

Jeans. Denim is a monster that feeds on broken needles, and a stone to my sewing machine. Technically Jeans are not easiest pants to make at least not on my level of sewing skills, so I'don't dare. The fading blue effect is done manually by scratching. Not a chance to make it at home now. There's an option to get tailored jeans but get ready for higher price. 

Activewear. I used to work for Nike and Reebok, so I have pretty nice collection of workout clothes at home and I have no need buying it. But I even though I have been considering making my own this year, I won't be able to sew strong hold bra for my d-e cups. 

4. care is crucial

Maybe it's not such a good idea to say it out loud but whatever. I have a problem with sweat stains. All my white clothes are destined to be ruined from the beginning. So what to do about that? I found that bile soap helps. But about that some other time. Important is, that every time I get a stain, I try to remove it, so I can wear my clothes as long as possible.  

The same goes for lint pilling. Sometimes it appears at places with the lot of friction and makes the clothes looking horrible. But you can spend little money and buy lint remover, that will help you to remove it. There's cheaper version using razor but be carefull because I, of course, made a hole with it into so many sweaters. 

And the last tip is to have clothes for outside and other for home. I bought great pants in second hand last year and already ruined them as I made a hole that got so big, my ass is showing and it's impossible to sew.  :(

5. I've learned to resist

Shops are full of beautiful clothes that I would love to wear immediately. The problem is only in the head. If you don't buy the thing immediately, you will most probably forget about it. I exchanged the pleasure of shopping for inspiration search for my sewing. Plus I've stopped coming to the stores to seek therapy or pleasure. Well maybe for one day only. 

6. sewing fabrics can be hell

The worst is, that it is impossible to find origin. I tried to find some czech manufacturers and I succeeded, I haven't try anything yet but I will order soon. Anyone with a suggestion for a EU based linen producer? I feel that's going to be a hit. 

And that's about it. Lastly, I will share a purchase, I regret the most. This poncho from H&M, I bought year and a half ago. I wear it but it is honestly the simplest thing to make, and you'll soon get a DIY. 



My Sewing Machine Broke

Tereza Šťastná

I am not sewing much lately. My head is full of stuff to do and the last thing I want is to think about how to sew on pockets properly or if I am going to use seam ripper any time soon. I would even say that it's the same with sewing as it's with gym. You don't want to do it at first, but you feel great and happy afterwards. At least that's how it is for me now. 

 Anyway, I have very big deficit of sweatpants and need to solve this problem ASAP. So I started sewing them. In January, I sewn black ones and now it's time for these from brushed knit, that is warmer. Why have I waited to sew them until it gets warmer? Who knows. 

So last week I pushed myself and made a life stream on Instagram of how I copy the pattern to the fabric. I promised afterwards, I'll make another lifestream on how I am sewing them the next day but nothing happened. I simply didn't want to do it. But I pushed myself last night to do the next step and started sewing. 

So, given that I am not sewing these sweatpants for the first time but the third, I got the hang of it and it doesn't even take that long. So I closed myself in the studio last night and started. And after only 15 minutes my sewing machine broke. It's important to note, that I own small and very light Brother that does just fine for me, but light and small are not the very good features when it comes to sewing machine. 

Last year, I managed to tear down the fabric manipulator at the bottom of the machine. I went to have it repaired where they informed me it will take some time. I didn't expect it to be two months. On top of it, mister repairman was very grumpy and told me I bought probably the worst option. And when I came to pick it up, he wasn't even able to tell me what he had to fix. At home, I found out the machine is way louder than it used to be and that's a sign of bad lubrication. I oiled it myself and went on with my life. 

Yesterday, it started to act funky. It got very loud and seems there is some fraction inside. It got to the point when it stopped completely. Imagining, I will be two months without my sewing machine and listening again how stupid and uninformed buyer I am, I could rip my hair out. So I decided to figure it out by myself.  

I know I shouldn't and you don't do it, but I took a philips screwdriver and opened it up by myself to see what happened. Of course it was full of sweatpants dust and seems the problem was in the last arm of the machine, where the construction rubbed on itself due to dust and lack of lubrication. Armed with q-tips, I cleaned it all, oiling and wiping for 5x times making dirty myself, the sweatpants and all around, I can proudly say, I fixed & cleaned my machine and there is no need for me to go to the rude and slow guy. 

Unfortunately, the motor got stucked after an hour. Well, seems like lint releasing jersey are big trouble for my babe and I need to go to service. So I hope you'll understand I won't sew anything in the next two months. 

I would like to buy new one in couple years but I think we will manage for a bit with my plastic baby.  



Tereza Šťastná

You know what? I was writing a post about Valentine, how was it going to suck because we never celebrate anything and how I got overexcited, got all the decorations and hoped for surprise flowers. 

Nothing like that happened and I knew it won't. With all the honesty, we have ben going through some issues and we are trying figure that out. 

But why should we be making this day special, if we could be celebrating our love every day?


27 years

Tereza Šťastná

I am turning 27 today. It might be a lot for someone, too little for else. Nothing special for me. 

 Last year I wrote article about Advice I would give my 20 years old self. This year, I will tell you something about myself and how my 27 years has been. 

 I was born in Pardubice, where I went to kindergarden, primary school and primary artistic afternoon school. I did ballet, same as my 11 years older sister who by that time studied dance academy in Prague, did. I was raised as a single child because of that. I was extremely lively so dance was the perfect oportunity to get some energy out. But our teacher was quite strict with me, more than other kids, screaming at me for mistakes I didn't do. Once I lost my ballet shoes and my parents didn't want to buy me new ones, because I was losing things all the time and my teacher would be angry at me for dancing barefoot. But by the end of the year, she would show up with my shoes in hand and asked if I haven't forgotten something. Because of this experience, I changed the dance style and got into aerobics, which was massive when I was a kid. I danced until I needed knee surgery, because I wasn't. taught properly how to exercise without hurting myself, being rewarded with inflammatory growths. I never really got back to sports until adulthood and it was an art and photography for me ever since.

 Thanks to my new hobby, I was quite misunderstood. I listened different music from everybody else and I had slightly different percepton of the world, more visual and more emotional. I have decided to move to Prague to study photography at graphic school. Nobody expected me to get in, as they take only few people but I did it and moved to a girls only boarding house. I never was the type that hangs out with girls, maybe because us girls can be quite mean and envious so girls-only boarding house was at the beginning unbearable, but it got better over time and I found great friends there so it was a good experience. 

There were famous artist's kids at school meeting the ordinary kids or the kids growing in more cultural environment than I did and because I wasn't Prague born, I never really felt like I fit in. I also didn't need to go to pubs, because to me it was a waste of time and youth. Maybe I am after my dad when it comes to pubs. Of course first love happened along with drama. I think it belongs to that age and our artistic souls. 

After school I left to Canada, where I shortly worked in marketing so I learn something about the world, after my return I was babysitting my sister's freind's babies and I was also getting ready for talent selection at the college I wanted to attend. I got in again, with small chance. I started working because you cannot live without money. Than parent's divorce, loves, broken hearts, loss of my best friend, new love, new home, new job, new life. I bet you all went through the same.

 I always float through my life somehow, with people entering and leaving it, same as opportunities. Some were wrong, some amazing. I learned this, all in life is about you. You will meet idiots or sometimes it will be you. You gotta hold your life in your own hands and be responsible for your own mistake. Never blame anyone else. When you're down, tell yourself to get back up by yourself. Nobody can make you successful, only you can do that. Never dread any experience, because they make you who you are. Be yourself and for yourself. That's the only way to be happy.

 And don't forget the last thing, it really helped me in my life. Keep learning new stuff. Not only it helps you spread your view but it will also improve your IQ and knowledge is more valuable than contacts. Taste new flavors, go to places, get experiences, read, exercise and find a hobby. You never know where it will help you to get. 

That's my 27 years of wisdom.

And don't worry, I am getting my wisdom tooth pulled out in 14 days so we will be back once again as we were.