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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


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NARS is starting to support animal testing

Tereza Šťastná

I am so dissappointed!

I keep living under the impression, that we are so far regarding animal testing in cosmetic industry and brands are stopping this horrid practice but it seems like the opposite. 

When I was recently searching for a foundation that is has not been tested on animals, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. At the end of it I was choosing from two cadidates  Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream (Douglas) a NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (Sephora). The winner happened to be Smashbox and today, I am really happy of my selection. 

NARS announced their entry at the Chinese market yesterday where you have the animal testing required by law. In their long message they are saying how they are against this practice and that they deffinitely don't test on animals unless required by law. Which China is. They claim to support the fight against the practice which frankly seems like a PR BS strategy more than the interest to actually change something.

I meantioned this previously in the article about Cosmetics Brands That Support Animal Testing. Selling their products in China nevermind the requirement I personally see as support of the testing. On the other hand I am willing to support brands that are not entering the market for this reason. Brand, that tests even when by 1% is still testing/supporting testing and shouldn't claim they are against it. I kind of understand from the NARS's statement that they enter the country to fight the requirement. BTW, I got the same statement from Kiehl's. I mean, seriously? It's corporate BS that simply has no logic and someone who knows how to use their brain knows it.  

Moments like this really reassure me about the importance of research of brands I want to buy or have products from. And next time base decision of how the brand values align with my own. And everyone should do the same according to their own values. Some of you might be actually OK with brands selling in China. I know that I am done purchasing at companies, who simply ditch their values in order to gain more profit like NARS does. 


Cosmetic brands that test on animals

Tereza Šťastná

I am mad at myself.

I am upset because I always talk about sustainable fashion, yet I forgot that cosmetics is issue as well. I do publish some cosmetic DIY from time to time, but I made that post recently where I praise Kiehl's face moisturizer that helps me with my skin but I promoted a brand that tests on animals and what's worse, they are part of the massive concern that is famous for animal torture - L'oreal. So, the viral video circulating the internet with the hurt monkey in a cage in L'oreal laboratories gave me the much needed slap that reminded me, this problem exist and it's important to talk about it and pay attention the same way I do with fashion. 

So I have decided to write an article about brands that seem like they don't test on animals but they do. It's a good research for me as well since I am thinking of getting new mascara and foundation.  


One might thought this brand is way over animal testing since the image is somewhere between tattoo parlor and pharmacy. But they do and it's such a disapointment. I love their products but I guess I will have to find another brand that does well with my skin, I hope I will find an alternative and as soon as I do, I will be here with a tip. 


This brand started as a "Cruelty-free" brand but changed its strategy as they entered the Chinese market. In China it's required by law for the make-up products to be tested this way.

It's such a shame when brand looses its values because of expansion. 

Anyhow, M.A.C. is part of Esteé Lauder corporation, that owns also Bobbi Brown, Too Faced a more, you can see all here. It seems that not everyone does animal testing but another suprise, the next brand does as well. 


Another suprose, another disapointment. I have been searching for a make-up that won't upset my dermathitis and will be very light. I got tip to try Clinique but before I made my trip, I found out that it's not necessary to go.  

Yves Rocher

French cheap cosmetic that seems very nature friendly and yet it's not. Here in Czech republic, they unfortunately do very well due to their price and very nice perfumed shower gels. But ever since I discovered Rituals, which is cruelty-free brand, I never came back here. 


Their universal body oil is the "it" product right now. It's a massive hit, being sold in pharmacy as a miracle oil. Unfortunately tested on animals, so use rather the coconut oil. 


Another French cosmetic brand, little pricey. I love their Vervain line, but they are on the black list so no-no. 


Lip balm hiding egg, celebrated by all bloggers, even thought I never understood why. Well maybe for the packaging. Try my recipe, add your own perfume and have all natural lip balm. Super easy. 

Yves Saint Laurent

Big, big, big dissapointment again! They sell the best mascara that looks great and smells amazing. Plus their highlighter is great. Well, let's search for some alternative. 

O.B. Tampons

Yes, even women hygeene products are not spared. Always has been mentioned as a cruel brand before but O.B. Tampons not so much. Plus the whitened cotton releases toxic chemicals from the cotton bleaching right on your mucous membrane and that's not OK. I already wrote about it in the article, here. 

Many more...

Perfumes are problem with big brands like Escada, Gucci, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Arden, Kenzo and more.... plus hair care and more cosmetics... 

Here is a great list of confirmed brands that test on animals:


DIY - bronzer

Tereza Šťastná

There's no way to finish make-up without using bronzer these days, especially if your face is not very defined, like in my case.  

Last week I just ran out of mine I used until now so I decided to make a new one, by myself. It's incredibly easy and home-made bronzer smells very nice and you don't need many things. Plus to make one doesn't cost even 5,- crowns and you'll have it in organic quality.  

So, what do you need? 

All in all, only thing you really need is cocoa powder. Buy the baking cocoa powder not Granko or Nesquik. Duch cocoa is the base to which you can add potato or corn starch, that will help you dilute the final shade. If you have some leftover cosmetic glitter pigment in nude or slightly orange, you can add that too. I won't tell you how much of what you need because that all depends on what kind of shade you want. You can also add carrot powder (you'll find one online) to make your bronzer more orange. 

Mix thoroughly and press the mixture into prepared container.  

It still is a powder though, so dip the brush and dust off the excess from it. You can also buy pressing kit and formula that will hod it together, but it won't be so organic anymore. 


My favorite cosmetic products

Tereza Šťastná

Winter is harsh for my skin. I've probably never mentioned this here, but my skin is one of the most complicated in the world, even though some girls is envious how smooth my skin is. Well don't get mystified.  

 Every girl has skin issues, some more, some less. My skin was absolutely great when I was younger, occasional pimple but that was about it. Well, age made its marks and so did stress. So to describe how my skin is, I draw this: 

How would you describe it? Mixed sensitive? Can somebody help? 

Unfortunately for me, I cannot put any natural creams for sensitive skin, because there's always a "calming" plant, that I have allergy to and it always makes situation worse. Oily skin needs to be dried with tonic, but if that touches my recess, it's a hell. My eye cream is either coconut oil, camomile cream or kernel oil. 

Click on the picture to buy. 

Click on the picture to buy. 

I got this one for Christmas and even though the smell is nothing special, it's perfect for skin and body. It's doesn't leave oily film for long and it's supposed to be good for wrinkles. I use it on my stretch marks and they cure faster. Also, ideal treatment for winter. 

 I also discovered Kiehl's cream that doesn't hurt my redness around nose, hydrates well and is not oily. It's a basic line, I would say, but it works for me. Plus, I have to say, that my experience in the store was perfect, because the sales assistant was amazing, sweet and she listened, advise me and even gave me some small testers to try. I really loved the store!

Click on the picture to buy. 

Click on the picture to buy. 

Another perfect winter find is eukalypt lip balm Rituals - Smooth Operator. It protects lips nicely, smells amazing ang gives you the fresh feeling on your lips. Plus it has metalic cover so the lid won't break like my every other lip balm. The only downside is, it's not very cheap but we only live once. 

Click on the picture to buy. 

Click on the picture to buy. 

We will stay a little longer with Rituals, because they also have this amazing hand scrub called Miracle Scrub, that is very similar to SPA Manicure by O.P.I.. Well and now writing about it I found out they don't have it anymore. So sad. 

And the last item is the basic. Antiperspirant. 

The same way my skin issues arise, the extensive sweating came. Nothing great about that. And even though I am trying to avoid deodorants and antiperspirants with alluminium salts, sometimes I cannot get without them. Especially sweting like I do. 

This one from Rituals - Ritual of Sakura is great and smells amazing. So I highly recommend. But it has those salts so try to switch it up from time to time. Use either some home made or steal your boyfriend's Old Spice. There are no salts in that one. 

Click on the picture to buy. 

Click on the picture to buy. 


3 Cosmetic Products From Your Pantry

Tereza Šťastná

Us girls, we spend a s***load on cosmetic products. And hardly ever admit it all. 

But why to buy something chemical, that you can get the same result with something you can eat and probably already have at home and it costs literary nothing? Well meanwhile you do the math, here are top 3 products that will become your cosmetic bag staples:


Cornstarch is Pinterest's ingredient number 1. From making home-made glitter slimes to being base of home-made cosmetic, it is amazing translucent powder on its own. So if you want to set your make-up, you can save those 500,- CZK ($20) in the piggy bank for your Stuart Weitzman's Nudist shoes (as I do right now) and just powder up with some cornstarch that costs like 30,- CZK ($ 1.1) in organic quality for full box. 

Coconut oil

Looking for eye-makeup remover, heavy duty cream, nourishing hair treatment for your split ends, body oil, lip balm, cuticle cream, elbow nourishment? Look no more and use coconut oil for all listed above. It truly lives up to its hype and it is so handy especially when you want to travel and need all that precious suitcase space. Plus you'll smell like a Bounty bar and your skin will be smooth like a baby's butt. 

White Yoghurt

When you spend whole day on the sun and have fair skin as I do, you will be red AF and most probably in lot of pain. Your savior for the day? Plain white yoghurt. It will soothe the burn, hydrate your skin and you'll feel good as new soon enough. It is also very good for your hair as it reliefs itchiness, dry scalp and it will help out with dandruff problem. 

You can play with these as a base and add some ingredients to them like cucumber or aloe vera to yoghurt, cocoa to the cornstarch for basic bronzer, beeswax to the coconut oil. There are no limits to your fantasy. So next time your about to hit Sephora, head towards the grocery store. 


My SPA Treatments At Home

Tereza Šťastná

I remember, when I was teenager I would spend long hours after school practicing my make-up skills. Maybe as a result of that my life is affected with perioral dermatitis, which makes my skin around the nose and chin red and bumpy. Sometimes it's called "flight assistant's disease" I guess, because they had to use make-up all the time. I don't know if this is true but I am sure historically make-up quality was much worse than today. 

I am not going to go to details about the disease, we all have doctor google for that (or better, our dermatologist) but I am going to tell you this: 

Your skin needs to have days without make-up! 

Luckily, I work from home, so I don't get to wear make-up very often. But when I do, I go for good quality and texture, or BB cream only. My favorite these days is from Gosh because it doesn't affect my skin in any way, feels very light and has great tint, plus this brand doesn't test on animals. (Lancome BB cream was great with texture but it irritated my super sensitive skin)

And when in need of extra cleaning I do home-made sugar scrub out of coarse sugar and honey. With this mixture I scrub my lips mostly but from time to time I use it as a full body treatment. You can also add bit of coconut oil. 

I am also proud owner of the face steam sauna from Quirines, which looks very vaginal for some reason but it is great for getting toxins out of my skin so I make sure that I use it every Sunday as a cleanse. If you don't want to get this tool (it's one of those things nobody really needs) you can very easily pour hot water into a bowl, add some aroma oil or herbs and put your face above with head covered in towel. Same shit. Plus this works great when you have a cold. 

Also, to keep my skin nourished, I treat my face with thick layer of vaseline based herbal creams. Either made from marigold or chamomile as they are both calming. I keep the cream for couple hours and than just wipe off the excess. 

And if you want to be über-fancy, drink some infused flower water. I did all article on them here.






The Daily Rituals

Tereza Šťastná

Do you have morning routine or evening ritual? I personally hated all that until I discovered the way of creating SPA at home. For everyday use. 

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DIY - Fizzy Bath Bombs

Tereza Šťastná

No idea for the christmas gifts? I have a suggestion. Go for something hand-made. Like these amazing fizzy bath bombs! They are very easy to make. 

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DIY - The Good Stuff Lip Balm

Tereza Šťastná

There is nothing better than a good lip balm in any time of the year and at any age. Make your own from stuff you can find in your pantry! 

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Why is sea water so beneficial to our skin?

Tereza Šťastná

sea empty

  We all know it. When you spend your vacation somewhere near the sea you look younger, fresher and your overall presence is simply glowing. Even though the stress deficit works its magic upon us and the sun gives us nice tan or not so very nice burns it's actually the sea water that needs to be blamed for your perfect look. Why? 

people swimming

It cures. 

  So imagine you have a itchy rash. Would you rather jump into a pool full of water disinfected with harsh chemicals or to some natural source that is clean and full of minerals that can heal your skin? Sea water is antiseptic and replenishes our skin with minerals witch makes it a miracle cure for any eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, which is what I have. Well I have to say that weekend full of snorkelling in Croatia fixed it. 





Exfoliation? Yes, please!

  Even though you don't feel it or see it, there's sand and plankton around you, that helps you to get rid of dead skin cells. Magnesium keeps it hydrated. That's the reason behind your skin being so shiny after just couple days. So be a little kid and give yourself a little boost by simply sitting in the sand and let the water to splash it off. 


 Sea water opens up your pores, removes toxins out of your body and replenishes them with minerals. Detox, anyone? 


It has pretty much same mineral composition as our blood plasma

 Oh I know, my friends who are chemists are now hitting their head to the wall because they probably cannot believe what I just wrote. Let me clear that - sea water contains 84 vital elements that can be found in human body. (At least that's what the internet says) Could it be fountain of youth? 

sea water.jpg

 If you are interested in reading about other benefits of sea water on our health, go ahead and google it. There's plenty of information out there. However the best way to find out is to pack your backs and travel somewhere to take a nice dip in that salty water. 

And yes, I had pretty good time in Croatia, just didn't want to brag about it. 

Všichni to známe, když jedete trávit svou dovolenou někde poblíž moře, vždy vypadáte svěžejší a mladší  a  vaše celková přítomnost jen září. A ačkoliv nedostatek stresu na nás působí svým kouzlem a slunce nám dopřeje krásnou zdravou barvu a nebo už méně zdravější spálení, je to ve skutečnosti mořská voda, kdo může za váš dokonalý vzhled. Ale proč? 

Je to lék

 Představte si, že vás trápí vyrážka. Do čeho byste skočili radši? Stojaté vody v bazénu plné chemikálií nebo do nějakého přírodního vodního zdroje plného minerálů, které mohou pomoci zahojení? Mořská voda je antiseptikum  a dokáže zaplnit vaši pokožku minerály, které vám pomohou zbavit se ekzému, lupénky nebo dermatitidy, což platí v mém případě. Musím říct, že týden šnorchlování v Chorvatsku je spravilo. 


Peeling? Prosím ano!

Ačkoliv to není vidět ani cítit, moře je plné pohybujícího se písku a planktonu, který vám pomůže odstranit odumřelé kožní buňky. A to je ten důvod proč se vaše kůže tak krásně leskne po týdnu dovolené. Buďte k sobě trochu laskaví, posaďte se do písku a nechte na sebe šplouchat vlny. 



Mořská voda otevírá vaše póry a odplavuje všechny škodlivé látky z těla a nahrazuje minerály. Dá si někdo detox? 





Skládá se ze stopových prvků jako naše krevní plasma

Já vím, moji přátelé, kteří se věnují chemii teď pravděpodobně bijí hlavou o zeď, protože nevěří tomu co jsem právě napsala. Abych to vysvětlila, mořská voda obsahuje 84 stopových prvků, které obsahuje také naše tělo (alespoň to tvrdí internet). Nemohla by to být fontána věčného mládí?

 Pokud toužíte dozvědět se něco víc o účincích mořské vody na náš organismus, neváhejte a googlujte. Určitě narazíte na spoustu informací. Nejlepším způsobem jak se však přesvědčit o těchto účincích je vzít si volno a odjet někam, kde můžete do moře skočit. 

A ano, měla jsem se v Chorvatsku krásně, ale nerada bych se vytahovala.