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DIY - bronzer


DIY - bronzer

Tereza Šťastná

There's no way to finish make-up without using bronzer these days, especially if your face is not very defined, like in my case.  

Last week I just ran out of mine I used until now so I decided to make a new one, by myself. It's incredibly easy and home-made bronzer smells very nice and you don't need many things. Plus to make one doesn't cost even 5,- crowns and you'll have it in organic quality.  

So, what do you need? 

All in all, only thing you really need is cocoa powder. Buy the baking cocoa powder not Granko or Nesquik. Duch cocoa is the base to which you can add potato or corn starch, that will help you dilute the final shade. If you have some leftover cosmetic glitter pigment in nude or slightly orange, you can add that too. I won't tell you how much of what you need because that all depends on what kind of shade you want. You can also add carrot powder (you'll find one online) to make your bronzer more orange. 

Mix thoroughly and press the mixture into prepared container.  

It still is a powder though, so dip the brush and dust off the excess from it. You can also buy pressing kit and formula that will hod it together, but it won't be so organic anymore.