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Be More Thankfull


Be More Thankfull

Tereza Šťastná

Photo by Adam Bakay

Photo by Adam Bakay

 For last couple months I have been noticing that less and less people say "Thank you." Is it because they are not thankful enough and take everything for granted or just because it became acceptable not to? And when did that happen? 

 We are living in age when everything is accessible so easily that everything seems to be served on a silver platter to us. And I guess, we really do take many things for granted. I have been thinking a lot about what I am thankful for and how much I actually show it and say the words to the people and I came to realization that I am mostly thankful for the bad experience in my life. Those were the real opportunities to actually learn something and grow a little bit more. 

 That doesn't mean that every jerk that has crossed my path should come now and demand my forgiveness or appreciation but it personally makes me less angry towards world and I can finally say "Hey, it is what it is!" when some problem occurs. 

 I am grateful for every argument in my life, because it clears the air between two people and allows me to see the issue from the other side and understand more what is the problem. 

And from the other perspective, I have to say, that ever since, I started really telling people that I appreciate everything they do for me and all the time I say everyone words of thankfulness for even the slightest thing I tend to notice if someone does the same towards me. And most people don't which helps me to select the group of people that I worth my time doing something for and those who are not. 

Wow! This article is quite a bit hippie talk, but I am becoming happier, mentally stronger and calmer person and this is one of the things that helped me the most. You should try to be more thankful! 

Thank you for spending your time reading this hippie article! Love you all!