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Style Icon: Villanelle (Killing Eve!)


Style Icon: Villanelle (Killing Eve!)

Tereza Šťastná

Summer holiday is over and the time has come, to pull out our transitional clothing. 

As you might know, I like to turn to TV for fashion inspiration. And today is no different. I have a tip for an amazing show, that will help you to get over those rainy days and give you some serious fashion cravings. 

Let me introduce you to Killing Eve.

Killing Eve! is a British Spy thriller TV show about detective Eve (played by Sandra Oh) and gorgeous assassin Villanelle (portrayed by Jodie Comer). It’s a typical cat and mouse sort of story and it will not let you watch only one episode. 

But I am not here to review the show, I want to talk fashion! There is simply no other villain that is as Trés Chic as Villanelle. I guess, being an assassin, you don’t need to save your big bucks for building a house so you can make it rain in high-class boutiques. Let’s talk outfits! 

The most noticeable outfit of the whole show. It’s a statement and very well planned provocation. The fluffy pink Molly Goddard dress is paired with black bra and Balenciaga boots for the same reason we dress up for exams, doctor visits or job interviews. To show that we have our own shit together at the given moment.

This preppy look Villanelle wears in Oxford is so much fun. The hypnotic tie and baggy pants are mocking the typical schoolboy look which is a great example of expressing yourself. So yes, I love that this shows you can look appropriate but still give your middle finger to the world. Something like The Queen and her brooches.

The Alexander McQueen gown is one of my favorites and rightfully it’s one of the outfits with the longest time on screen. I especially love it in combination with the polka dot fascinator. Villanelle and tulle is simply like a match made in the crime drama heaven.

The Amsterdam pink blouse is an oversized silk shirt blouse by Rosie Assoulin. Honestly, that’s a designer I’ve never heard of before, but I fell in love with immediately, while researching for this article. Check out the interview Leandra Medine Cohen did with the designer.

Btw this is one of my favorite scenes of the whole show. And if you’re wondering about the earrings, it’s vintage Christian Lacroix.

If you were to steal someone’s look, this Burberry dress would be the perfect one to take. A, I am very big fan of light blue dresses as you might have noticed, B, I think that this style is very flattering and feminine.