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Invest in jewelry. Here's why...


Invest in jewelry. Here's why...

Tereza Šťastná

There are plenty of reasons why people buy jewelry. It could be a symbol of status, desire for attention, a commemoration of some important events in life or maybe even a symbol of some spiritual journey.


But let’s start with clearing out some terms. Usually, when we talk about jewelry, we talk about accessories made out of expensive metals and precious stones. Bijou or costume jewelry is a cheap version made out of ordinary materials like cheap metals, glass or leather. What I will describe in this article as jewelry is meant to be somewhere halfway, as fashion jewelry is made out of more expensive metals or expensive metal plated, they can have semi-precious natural stones but it is still far from luxurious merchandise.

When I was a teenager, my mom would always say something judgmental about my cheap costume jewelry I brought home. I loved the feeling of buying something that looks like a piece of jewelry for just a few korunas.

But as I get older and I receive more gifts in a little box, I find the value in getting a little bit more costly accessories, as they have a bit of value. Financially but on the personal level as well.

There are, of course, a few extra reasons that I should mention.


You should always put health first. Not so many people realize this, but cheap accessories can negatively affect that. Many of the costume jewelry contains nickel, that can cause an allergic reaction after it came to contact with skin. In big amount, nickel can be even toxic and it is classified as carcinogen. That’s not just a random warning. So choose wisely and select jewelry that is either made of or coated with silver, gold or even platinum. If you’re worried about the cost, the metal plating is only a few times of the cheap jewelry price and lasts way longer.


Yes, the real deal is costly. Even the fashion jewelry can be so and that’s why it is important to remember the cost per wear term. It has happened to me so many times that my cheap ring would discolor my finger or get scratched immediately. So if you count it, the cheap 250,- (€10) ring is fine, but if you wear it only 5 times and then throw away, the price is 50,- (€2). Silver ring, that has been gold plated can cost 2000,- (€75) but you’ll get the same price after wearing it 40 days. That’s like a month and 10 days. And it will last much longer than that.



Cheap bijoux is a mass production thing. So yes, it can happen you and your classmate will rock the same earrings. Fashion jewelry has options. You can either go to the boutiques that are in every bigger mall or you can search for some new design from the local jewelry designers. 


A piece of jewelry from expensive metals will last long if you give it proper care. Silver has tendencies to darken and it’s quite soft so beware of scratches. On the other hand, it can be easily polished so restored to its previous glory. Every metal needs different sort of care and it’s advised to ask at the store how to care for the specific piece. If you give it some love, it will be finishing touch to your outfit for decades.

This article has been written in collaboration with a handmade jewelry Mooyyy designed by Czech jewelry designers.