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What has happened to my hand?


What has happened to my hand?

Tereza Šťastná

I posted pictures on Instastories but I haven't explained yet, what really happened. And so today is such a mini anniversary of the event and I am writing to tell it all. 

My family has decided to celebrate Easter weekend together at our cottage at Vysočina region, including my Sasho and our two dogs. I was nervous because I knew from the past, that they are not very big friends with my mom's dog but I got convinced we will manage them all at our big garden. 

When we came on Friday, we released our two pooches to the garden and afterwards Charlie (westie) who was in the building since my father was out playing golf. 10 minutes has passed and there were some conflicts between them so we decided to separate them. Fortunatelly enough we have two parts garden, each separated by fence, so Yoda and Fiona could be closed in one and Charlie second one. All we had to figure out were holes in the fence because Charlie is Mr. Escape and he is able to knock out wood from a fence just to check out local bitches. We managed somehow to close the holes and we could relax for a bit. I played with our couple, while Sasho played with Charlie - for about a minute. Mr. Escape then started searching for a way to get in and that he did. He went bonkers in a second and attacked Yoda so their life or death fight started.  

I am not going to explain we've been through training but I am no expert so the only way I knew how to solve the situation was to tear them appart. Have you ever tried to hold on to a 10 kg heavy dog on each arm? Of course they got loose and started snapping at each other frantically while sasho was trying to open the coroded doors and get to us. Meanwhile those two idiots bite into my thumb. Yoda to the thumb muscle and charlie to the finger itself and they started ripping. Few seconds later Sasho got finally in and teared those insane beasts apart. At that point I noticed that the bites are actual skin puncture bites and not only that, my thumb was ripped open, muscles injured and there was a blood streaming. 

It sounds like a long event, I know, but I think it all happened under one or two minutes. Sasho closed the dogs in the house, separately of course and we went to the bathroom to see and clean up the mess, pulling dog's hair out of my wound. I went into shock and was about to faint so I started to repeat: "we need to get to the hospital". Fortunately I saw that my autopilot works just fine because all I had in mind was to wrap my hand in clean towel and raise it above the heart so it doesn't bleed much. We sat in the car and drove off to the nearest city to find a hospital. 

We didn't find any as well as any doctor who would take care of emergency on friday evening. We had to drive to another city further away. 

As we arrived we rushed into the main building and I was finally under supervision of bitchy nurse that would deserve a slap and doctor with the biggest ego like he is some kind of best traumatologist in the Republic. I had to go to the OR and there I listened to the doctor blabbing how important it is that he cleans it perfectly and that he is the greatest doctor of all, plus he showed me how his tools can go through and through my hand. When I asked the nurse, if she would be so kind and cleaned wound on my other hand as well she just told me to go and wash it off in the second room and come back for some disinfection. On top of everything they called Sasho to be exotic boyfriend for which I kind of blame living in redneck town even though 90% of them will go to the balkan this summer for their vacation. 

Cast on top of it, antibiotics, bed rest orders and bring a paper claiming my dog doesn't have rabies. That was the end of this episode. By Monday morning I would be taken care of in Motol, here in Prague, where all the doctors were amazing and treated me the best way possible. 

Four weeks later, my wounds are closed but far from healed. Tendons are OK, but the swelling on the joints make my thumb unable to move, the scar is hard and muscle shortened. It will be long physio. I have damaged nerves as I lack feeling on my thumb's sides and the movement is horrid. I call it Barbie thumb.