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Cosmetic brands that test on animals


Cosmetic brands that test on animals

Tereza Šťastná

I am mad at myself.

I am upset because I always talk about sustainable fashion, yet I forgot that cosmetics is issue as well. I do publish some cosmetic DIY from time to time, but I made that post recently where I praise Kiehl's face moisturizer that helps me with my skin but I promoted a brand that tests on animals and what's worse, they are part of the massive concern that is famous for animal torture - L'oreal. So, the viral video circulating the internet with the hurt monkey in a cage in L'oreal laboratories gave me the much needed slap that reminded me, this problem exist and it's important to talk about it and pay attention the same way I do with fashion. 

So I have decided to write an article about brands that seem like they don't test on animals but they do. It's a good research for me as well since I am thinking of getting new mascara and foundation.  


One might thought this brand is way over animal testing since the image is somewhere between tattoo parlor and pharmacy. But they do and it's such a disapointment. I love their products but I guess I will have to find another brand that does well with my skin, I hope I will find an alternative and as soon as I do, I will be here with a tip. 


This brand started as a "Cruelty-free" brand but changed its strategy as they entered the Chinese market. In China it's required by law for the make-up products to be tested this way.

It's such a shame when brand looses its values because of expansion. 

Anyhow, M.A.C. is part of Esteé Lauder corporation, that owns also Bobbi Brown, Too Faced a more, you can see all here. It seems that not everyone does animal testing but another suprise, the next brand does as well. 


Another suprose, another disapointment. I have been searching for a make-up that won't upset my dermathitis and will be very light. I got tip to try Clinique but before I made my trip, I found out that it's not necessary to go.  

Yves Rocher

French cheap cosmetic that seems very nature friendly and yet it's not. Here in Czech republic, they unfortunately do very well due to their price and very nice perfumed shower gels. But ever since I discovered Rituals, which is cruelty-free brand, I never came back here. 


Their universal body oil is the "it" product right now. It's a massive hit, being sold in pharmacy as a miracle oil. Unfortunately tested on animals, so use rather the coconut oil. 


Another French cosmetic brand, little pricey. I love their Vervain line, but they are on the black list so no-no. 


Lip balm hiding egg, celebrated by all bloggers, even thought I never understood why. Well maybe for the packaging. Try my recipe, add your own perfume and have all natural lip balm. Super easy. 

Yves Saint Laurent

Big, big, big dissapointment again! They sell the best mascara that looks great and smells amazing. Plus their highlighter is great. Well, let's search for some alternative. 

O.B. Tampons

Yes, even women hygeene products are not spared. Always has been mentioned as a cruel brand before but O.B. Tampons not so much. Plus the whitened cotton releases toxic chemicals from the cotton bleaching right on your mucous membrane and that's not OK. I already wrote about it in the article, here. 

Many more...

Perfumes are problem with big brands like Escada, Gucci, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Arden, Kenzo and more.... plus hair care and more cosmetics... 

Here is a great list of confirmed brands that test on animals: