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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 

White Kimono


White Kimono

Tereza Šťastná

I spent last Sunday at my studio doing some photoshoots, reading and working on blog stuff. 

But I also gotta admit one fail, I bought jeans. You know I talk a lot about how I want to present only my handmade wardrobe and I stand behind that but I woudn't be able to make my own jeans quite yet because they are hard to make and my sewing machine is not quite strong enough fro denim. And I don't have €250 to have them designed. 

 So I somehow told myself it is OK. I calm myself down with shopping too much clothes we don't wear is the real problem here and that's the reason for cheap labor and land polution. The only things I really buy in the store are organic cotton basic tees, underwear and jeans. All of these I wear constantly so my cost-per-wear is vey low. And yes, that's exactly how I clean my soul. 

 Well, my Saturday's jeans survived to be worn all weekends and when I was looking for a top, I realized, I haven't posted my white kimono yet. It's a piece that I made approx. 3 years ago and it shows it was a really great move because such a simple kimono is a classic. I made it in one afternoon and then painted with delicate lines so it looks a little like modern porcelain. Pattern is from BurdaStyle magazine 06/2011 and you can find it online here.

And how about you? Do you wear kimonos? Have you ever tried to make your own or do you know some nice pattern or DIY? Let me know in the comments section below. .