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My Sewing Machine Broke


My Sewing Machine Broke

Tereza Šťastná

I am not sewing much lately. My head is full of stuff to do and the last thing I want is to think about how to sew on pockets properly or if I am going to use seam ripper any time soon. I would even say that it's the same with sewing as it's with gym. You don't want to do it at first, but you feel great and happy afterwards. At least that's how it is for me now. 

 Anyway, I have very big deficit of sweatpants and need to solve this problem ASAP. So I started sewing them. In January, I sewn black ones and now it's time for these from brushed knit, that is warmer. Why have I waited to sew them until it gets warmer? Who knows. 

So last week I pushed myself and made a life stream on Instagram of how I copy the pattern to the fabric. I promised afterwards, I'll make another lifestream on how I am sewing them the next day but nothing happened. I simply didn't want to do it. But I pushed myself last night to do the next step and started sewing. 

So, given that I am not sewing these sweatpants for the first time but the third, I got the hang of it and it doesn't even take that long. So I closed myself in the studio last night and started. And after only 15 minutes my sewing machine broke. It's important to note, that I own small and very light Brother that does just fine for me, but light and small are not the very good features when it comes to sewing machine. 

Last year, I managed to tear down the fabric manipulator at the bottom of the machine. I went to have it repaired where they informed me it will take some time. I didn't expect it to be two months. On top of it, mister repairman was very grumpy and told me I bought probably the worst option. And when I came to pick it up, he wasn't even able to tell me what he had to fix. At home, I found out the machine is way louder than it used to be and that's a sign of bad lubrication. I oiled it myself and went on with my life. 

Yesterday, it started to act funky. It got very loud and seems there is some fraction inside. It got to the point when it stopped completely. Imagining, I will be two months without my sewing machine and listening again how stupid and uninformed buyer I am, I could rip my hair out. So I decided to figure it out by myself.  

I know I shouldn't and you don't do it, but I took a philips screwdriver and opened it up by myself to see what happened. Of course it was full of sweatpants dust and seems the problem was in the last arm of the machine, where the construction rubbed on itself due to dust and lack of lubrication. Armed with q-tips, I cleaned it all, oiling and wiping for 5x times making dirty myself, the sweatpants and all around, I can proudly say, I fixed & cleaned my machine and there is no need for me to go to the rude and slow guy. 

Unfortunately, the motor got stucked after an hour. Well, seems like lint releasing jersey are big trouble for my babe and I need to go to service. So I hope you'll understand I won't sew anything in the next two months. 

I would like to buy new one in couple years but I think we will manage for a bit with my plastic baby.