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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 

Style Icons: Baroness Pauline de Rothschild


Style Icons: Baroness Pauline de Rothschild

Tereza Šťastná

 As I wrote before, I would like to dedicate some blog space to women that inspire me. And I want to start with a little serie about my biggest icons of taste and style, you may never heard of. When I browse the internet, all I see as someone's icon is Audrey Hepburn. Maybe it's that because we all would like to eat a doughnut for breakfast in front of Tiffany's while wearing little black dress or maybe because we all desire to have such a fun personality as Holly Golightly. I almost get the feeling there was no other.

 Anyhow, world's history hides way bigger gems. Icons more progressive then these trully celebrated ones. 

One of these icons for me is Pauline de Rothschild, born Pauline Potter. The daughter of influential american expats, living in Paris with real blue blood in her veins because her family ties lead to american presidents or presidential candidates to even first american families and now hold your hats, even to Pocahontas (did you know she was real?)

Here is a great video as a short introduction to who she was from documentary show Million Dollar American Princesses.

Baroness de Rothschild is not the typical beauty ideal but her charm and elegance is deffinitely radiating from her, plus it's obvious she had the courage to match her clothes in a way that seems revolutionary to us now. 

Like this gown and cigarette pants. And we are talking about the 60s and 70s, dear. 

Picture source:

Picture source:

Pauline was so influential she even got into the hall of fame of "Worl's Best Dressed List" that is now run by Vanity Fair. 

She is most definitely queen of style because she is the original hoodie and over-the-knee boots wearer, not Kylie Jenner. 


This lady definitely knew how to pose, better than Tyra Banks, just look at her legs! 


Baroness is my style icon thanks to her elegant, sleek, innovative approach to fashion, it's a combination of very feminine and boyish altogether and I love it for what it is.