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27 years


27 years

Tereza Šťastná

I am turning 27 today. It might be a lot for someone, too little for else. Nothing special for me. 

 Last year I wrote article about Advice I would give my 20 years old self. This year, I will tell you something about myself and how my 27 years has been. 

 I was born in Pardubice, where I went to kindergarden, primary school and primary artistic afternoon school. I did ballet, same as my 11 years older sister who by that time studied dance academy in Prague, did. I was raised as a single child because of that. I was extremely lively so dance was the perfect oportunity to get some energy out. But our teacher was quite strict with me, more than other kids, screaming at me for mistakes I didn't do. Once I lost my ballet shoes and my parents didn't want to buy me new ones, because I was losing things all the time and my teacher would be angry at me for dancing barefoot. But by the end of the year, she would show up with my shoes in hand and asked if I haven't forgotten something. Because of this experience, I changed the dance style and got into aerobics, which was massive when I was a kid. I danced until I needed knee surgery, because I wasn't. taught properly how to exercise without hurting myself, being rewarded with inflammatory growths. I never really got back to sports until adulthood and it was an art and photography for me ever since.

 Thanks to my new hobby, I was quite misunderstood. I listened different music from everybody else and I had slightly different percepton of the world, more visual and more emotional. I have decided to move to Prague to study photography at graphic school. Nobody expected me to get in, as they take only few people but I did it and moved to a girls only boarding house. I never was the type that hangs out with girls, maybe because us girls can be quite mean and envious so girls-only boarding house was at the beginning unbearable, but it got better over time and I found great friends there so it was a good experience. 

There were famous artist's kids at school meeting the ordinary kids or the kids growing in more cultural environment than I did and because I wasn't Prague born, I never really felt like I fit in. I also didn't need to go to pubs, because to me it was a waste of time and youth. Maybe I am after my dad when it comes to pubs. Of course first love happened along with drama. I think it belongs to that age and our artistic souls. 

After school I left to Canada, where I shortly worked in marketing so I learn something about the world, after my return I was babysitting my sister's freind's babies and I was also getting ready for talent selection at the college I wanted to attend. I got in again, with small chance. I started working because you cannot live without money. Than parent's divorce, loves, broken hearts, loss of my best friend, new love, new home, new job, new life. I bet you all went through the same.

 I always float through my life somehow, with people entering and leaving it, same as opportunities. Some were wrong, some amazing. I learned this, all in life is about you. You will meet idiots or sometimes it will be you. You gotta hold your life in your own hands and be responsible for your own mistake. Never blame anyone else. When you're down, tell yourself to get back up by yourself. Nobody can make you successful, only you can do that. Never dread any experience, because they make you who you are. Be yourself and for yourself. That's the only way to be happy.

 And don't forget the last thing, it really helped me in my life. Keep learning new stuff. Not only it helps you spread your view but it will also improve your IQ and knowledge is more valuable than contacts. Taste new flavors, go to places, get experiences, read, exercise and find a hobby. You never know where it will help you to get. 

That's my 27 years of wisdom.

And don't worry, I am getting my wisdom tooth pulled out in 14 days so we will be back once again as we were.