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Fix Your Clothes


Fix Your Clothes

Tereza Šťastná

 We simply got used to the easy way in life with everything. We can eat in restaurants literary everyday and nobody will consider us wrong, whenever something is broken, there's a "guy" for it and we can purchase clothes often because they are so accessible. 

 I recall seeing one picture circling the internet portraying old couple and the quote said: "We are still married because we are used to fixing things instead of throwing them out." And even though it was meant to be metaphor for relationships, it is on point correct for the material world as well. 

So why would you trash something because of a hole, loose stitch or faded color when it's so easy to fix? It can't be just because you are lazy, or could it? 

So here are few easy solutions for the most common reasons we throw clothes away. The more care you take of them, the longer they will last. Figures...

Sturdy Stains

I know, they are annoying and once they appear it's hard to get rid of them. Solution? Research. It is all chemistry so if you know a chemist go ask one. If not, google it. I am serious. It works

I tried these and it worked:

  • ink - milk
  • oil - baby powder and dish soap
  • chewing gum - lube (not kidding on this one)
  • sauce stains - well, heavy duty stain remover does the job for me
  • sweat stains - combination of baking soda and peroxide


Ok, analyze the damage. If the hole has been caused by stress at some specific spot, there's tiny chance to fix it. If you ripped a hole by accident and it's nothing massive, you can easily fix it by yourself or cover by patch even with some nice design (bombers with embroidered patches are the It thing). 

I am considering to do some tutorials on fixing your clothes in future but until then, google and this Patagonia site will do. 

Broken zipper

This one is for the advanced seamstresses so if you don't know how to sew a zipper, find some seamstress that does. Even if it will cost you a bit, remember, you are saving the planet and your favorite jacket. 

Pilling fabric

This one is the easiest way how to make your clothes feel like brand new, I swear! Some fabrics tend to create little bobbles on their surface especially at places with lots of traction. You can easily remove them with razor or you can buy battery bobble removers that cost just a little and are great investment. 

Distress in the lining

To fix lining problems usually takes some skills so unless you are great seamstress I wouldn't recommend to take the challenge. But again, someone skilled can do it for you and the price is worth the breath of new life. Great tip is to put lining of a different color to make the piece bit more fun!

Fading colors

Natural fibers are amazing as they allow your skin to breath. Unfortunately they also tend to stain and fade.  Good news is, they are the best material for dyeing. So if plain white t-shirt has some stains you just cannot get rid of or you simply got bored of it or your red clothing seems to be pink more. Try some dye. 

You are just bored of it

Don't you fret! Even if your clothes seem dull and not you anymore, you don't need to trash them. Find some fun DIY and give your items new life. You can dye, sew, cut, paint, stain, embroider, embellish... whatever you desire. Just don't let them end up in trash. 

Don't give up on your clothes! And when they are beyond fixing point, recycle them into those special bins or my favorite, tear them up to pieces and use them as a stuffing for dog beds.