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Everyday Cleaning Tips That Will Save Your Time


Everyday Cleaning Tips That Will Save Your Time

Tereza Šťastná

Our house is always a chaos so I should not give advices on clenaing but I know few things that you can do to keep it at least clean if not very neat. 

I found out that if I do following small steps it really pays off and saves me ton of cleaning later. 

Clean the bathroom while brushing your teeth

Every other morning, when I brush my teeth, I spray the toilet with bleach and the sink, bidet and shower corner with natural disinfection. By the time I am finished with my teeth and my face washed, the cleaning formulas are set and I just give it a fast scrub and wash away. Once a week I toss the carpets in the washing machine and clean the floors. 

Swipe the floors when you finish with your duties

I'll admit. I am so bad at this and don't do it often. But I know I should because every time I do it, the next morning I feel like a princess from a Disney movie. Seriously, having two dogs requires lot of swiping and I really want to make a habit that every night when I finish cooking I should swipe the mess of the kitchen floor, all the threads from my work-room and dog hair from bedroom. 

When you're finished using something, put it back where it belongs

It is so much harder to return it to its place after it has been laying there for some time. That's why I think it is absolutely necessary to make it a habit and clean after yourself when you're finished working with your tools. When you do this, there is less crap to put where it belongs on your cleaning day. Just how they teach kids in Montessori schools. 

Don't toss your clothes at the end of the day

Appreciate your wardrobe and treat it with respect. You put it on your body every single day so don't make it trash. If your clothes are dirty, put them in the laundry bag, if they are not, they belong to the wardrobe. My boyfriend always tells me he is going to wear it tomorrow but there is nothing more annoying than folding his clothes for an half an hour.

Use decorative baskets and boxes

In every apartment, there is the kind of mess that you can either organize the real OCD way or if you don't have time, just hide it in a box or decorative basket. So by the end of the day, just go through your home and collect all the loose small items and hide them. Your house will look much cleaner. 

Do the dishes while you're cookin'

I found this to be the best way how to prevent my kitchen from being overloaded by dirty dishes. So when you cook, wash your dishes right away after you use them, except for hot pots. You definitely will not want to wash them right after good time dining. 

To sum all this, don't be a kid and don't leave shit everywhere. Just do simple cleaning every evening and your house will be easier to upkeep. I know I need to learn this.