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Major Dog Surgery


Major Dog Surgery

Tereza Šťastná

 I am very sorry I haven't been posting much recently even though I promised but my August was honestly shit. 

 As you might know, I am proud owner of two kindest dogs that ever lived - my boston terriers Yoda and Fiona. We've had Yoda for three years now, since he was just a tiny puppy and Fiona, who is now 6 years old. We took her from her previous owners as they searched for a new home for her, about a year and a half ago. 

We love both of them dearly and after a bumpy start, they started to love each other also. Unfortunately couple months ago we recieved bad news as Fiona developed a lump on her mammary glands which has been diagnosed as a tumor. Some time after a good research and number of recommendations for a great vet in Prague, I was at the vet's OR, holding my little baby not to fall after she was given anesthesia. 

 The surgery went well, Fiona was spayed and also had her right mammary gland removed together with the tumor. We got lucky because the tumor wasn't malignant and nothing has spread.

 The recovery time was a pain and we had to make some sleeping arrangements, as she had 40 stitches on her belly and we had to make sure, she won't pull them out, as some dogs do. I have to say our girl was amazing and had been very good patient. Of course, I was still waking up whenever she moved, to fix her post-surgery outfit as it was sliding down and becoming tight around her shoulders and to make sure she is not in pain. It took us two weeks of this special regime in our household but it was soon over, stitches were taken out and she started to jump and run like before. 

I also made her new hospital gown from my old tank top as you could have seen on my Instagram Stories. It was made from very soft cotton, so it was a perfect option and even our vet praised my sewing skills (skills needed for this simple dog shirt are literary none - and took 5 minutes to make). 

 We were extremely lucky but I would like to point out, not all cases happen to be like that. Just two days before Fiona's surgery, my boyfriend's mother lost her dog to a malignant mammary gland tumor that has spread into her lungs, just 4 months post the exact same surgery. I am no expert or professional to make claims and to confirm this information but I've read that it is up to 50% chances the tumor will be bad and that it can be prevented to some point if the female dog is spayed before the first heat. So please, don't be selfish or in denial and consult with your trusted veterinarian about his opinion on spaying as a prevention. 

Anyway, yesterday was the third week after the surgery and Fiona is doing very well. She is practically back to her old self, without any pain, she jumps, runs, plays and her scar is almost healed by now. There is still the second surgery ahead of us for the second mammary gland, but thanks to the tumor being non-cancerous it is not in immediate future and can be hold up for few months. 

If you went through something like that with your dog, I would love to hear your story, so if you feel like it, share it with me and others here in comments.