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How To Grow Your Instagram Followers


How To Grow Your Instagram Followers

Tereza Šťastná

 There is no argument denying the power of Instagram. Glossy magazines were beat by blogs in the early 10's and now the leadership is given to the everyone's favorite app. It allows us to become editors of the content we want to see and except for some dreadful advertisement we have a portion of what we care about. 

Instagram turned from a platform for spontaneous filtered selfie sharing into highly edited feed with concept and a plan. 

So how can you take a charge of your own feed? I have some tips for you, based on what works for me in my work and blogging. 

1. View Instagram as a community

It's social network after all, so use it to your advantage. Give a heart to those who you'll like, comment on pictures, write those you admire. Your account will be hanging at the comments section of those you like, people you like will read it and also people who like the same things like you. That's pretty solid reason not to be stingy with compliments.

2. Make the most out of your equipment

Honestly, nobody really cares for blurry dark pictures. The most successful snaps in the Instagram world are those, who are sharp with balanced whites, good lighting and yes, some good idea to which I'll get in point 3.. Use the camera on the back of your phone instead the front one as it offers more definition or go pro with SLR camera if you have one. Plus, I noticed that pictures with big depth of field do also better than wide-angle especially when you don't want to think about composition too much. 

3. Try to invest in some extra phone lenses or try some special effects

My boyfriend got me these lenses you just snap on your phone and you can do some crazy macros or fish-eyes. The details are amazing and it's worth the fun. As it goes for the effects, you can really experiment here, just cover your lens with something like a colored tape and enjoy. Think how it can make your profile more interesting than the other's. 

4. Be regular with your posting

You can see everyone giving that advice and if I followed it more, maybe I would have more fans by now. But it is so true. The more active you are, more exposure you are getting and more possibilities to be seen. And loved:)

5. Don't troll

From time to time I get someone trolling on my account. Why do they feel the need I don't know. But you know... negativity calls for even more negativity. So? STAY POSITIVE and embrace others. 

6. Use some photo editing app

 There was a time when IG filters were cool. And that time is gone. Download some of these apps that can help you improve the quality of your picture not to hide the flaws. If you want to retouch a little, I can recommend FaceTune, just don't overdo it and use it for some touch ups only. 

Another amazing app that helps me to get amazing results is VSCO. Plus it is another great photo sharing network. 

7. Like and comment... like literary all the time

I know it's the same as the number one, but this is absolutely necessary step. I even read somewhere that to get 100 fans, you need to like 1 000 pictures. So like like like and comment as it has higher value. 

8. Post a link to your Instagram account everywhere

Let your friends, readers, family, strangers to know how they can reach you on this platform. Today we can have pretty much everything connected and that'sThere are even some great plug-ins you can add to your Facebook profile. 

9. When you feel like it, give shoutouts and tags

Shoutout is when you tag some user in the text of your post so whenever your share a pic you took with your friend, tag them and give shoutout. They just might return the favor. Plus it really works with companies in case you want to get them to know about you.

10. Stay sharp

The worst you can do to a nice picture is to downgrade it so much it becomes very rasterized. Be sure, you're posting from an original source and not a render from the internet. The same goes for shooting the picture, always check if everything is on focus, unless your artistry gets the word :)

11. Be original

Publish content that is made by you only or you are the owner of the author rights. I know this should go without being said, but there are few people even around me, who create their Insta profile by posting pics from the internet and I am pretty sure they are also without a consent of the author. Not only it's against the law, but it shows lack of creativity, so don't be a copy cat and create your own content!

12. Don't let it overtake your life

You have only one life, so don't waste it on Instagram. While it can become business for you or bring you some desired popularity, it can also be pretty nasty world. Don't post anything you would be ashamed to show on the street and when you feel like it, turn of your phone and actually look around, you never know when the inspiration will strike in. 

13. Monitor your results

If you want the biggest reach, you need to know when are your followers actually online. Get some statistical service for your account. I use Iconosquare and pay just like $2/month and every morning I have statistics in my mailbox. And based on that I can decide what to post and when.


And that's about it. If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments section! Love you all!