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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 

Why should us girls support each other, now more than ever


Why should us girls support each other, now more than ever

Tereza Šťastná

In the shadow of recent events, I started thinking more about how important it is to support each other. 

Even though us here in the Czech Republic can say that opinions of the President of the USA are not reaching us in any way, it's not true. Maybe we admit it to ourselves or maybe not but american president is a political function influencing the whole world. To be a president and an idiot in the country that nobody really cares about can be a ridiculous and his effect is minimal a might outrage us when give the state honors to his friends, destroy our pride or get drunk with presidents of Russia or China. His mandate is short and has no real power in the world so he doesn't even manage to destroy something and is not a threat. On the other hand American president who is a xenophobe, racist and sexist is a big problem in a society that can really destroy work of all human rights defenders. Not to mention the influence he's going to have on young men who are just creating their opinions. 

Lets not talk about Trump anymore since he's not deserving the attention and energy we are giving him. I would like to react to the words of his opponent Hilary Clinton though she has said during her consession speech. Why? Because it made me realize the importance of women supporting women. 

As we might learn in a history, women didn't have it always easy. We fought for our rights in society and this might set us back few steps. Maybe we will have to face sexism again in our environment, we might face rude morrons that somehow have the idea of them being an alpha male. 

We also cannot forget, that strenght comes from unity. Us women, we should celebrate every single success some fellow girl reaches, we should support each other, stand next to each other and inspire each other. Every success will be proof we have our place in society nobody can take away from us. Let's celebrate our beauty in every shape and size, our skills, intuition and empathy. 

To be a woman should be anything bad and we should not be ashamed for it and hide in the corner. Let's accept ourselves just the way we are, let's learn to love ourselves and let's not play rivalry. 

I have come to a decision to enrich this blogs topics. I would like to talk about women that inspire me, about my friends and their experiences, women that do not fall under the ruling of society.  

For some of you it might not be so interesting as what I wore or sewed, but I never wanted to speak about cosmetics and fashion. Blog is my small world where I can tell my opinions and lead discussion, and I always wanted to have added value as my fight for sustainable fashion. 

So I hope you won't be mad and reach out to me so we can have a dialog about what is really important.