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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


Invest in jewelry. Here's why...

Tereza Šťastná

There are plenty of reasons why people buy jewelry. It could be a symbol of status, desire for attention, a commemoration of some important events in life or maybe even a symbol of some spiritual journey.


But let’s start with clearing out some terms. Usually, when we talk about jewelry, we talk about accessories made out of expensive metals and precious stones. Bijou or costume jewelry is a cheap version made out of ordinary materials like cheap metals, glass or leather. What I will describe in this article as jewelry is meant to be somewhere halfway, as fashion jewelry is made out of more expensive metals or expensive metal plated, they can have semi-precious natural stones but it is still far from luxurious merchandise.

When I was a teenager, my mom would always say something judgmental about my cheap costume jewelry I brought home. I loved the feeling of buying something that looks like a piece of jewelry for just a few korunas.

But as I get older and I receive more gifts in a little box, I find the value in getting a little bit more costly accessories, as they have a bit of value. Financially but on the personal level as well.

There are, of course, a few extra reasons that I should mention.


You should always put health first. Not so many people realize this, but cheap accessories can negatively affect that. Many of the costume jewelry contains nickel, that can cause an allergic reaction after it came to contact with skin. In big amount, nickel can be even toxic and it is classified as carcinogen. That’s not just a random warning. So choose wisely and select jewelry that is either made of or coated with silver, gold or even platinum. If you’re worried about the cost, the metal plating is only a few times of the cheap jewelry price and lasts way longer.


Yes, the real deal is costly. Even the fashion jewelry can be so and that’s why it is important to remember the cost per wear term. It has happened to me so many times that my cheap ring would discolor my finger or get scratched immediately. So if you count it, the cheap 250,- (€10) ring is fine, but if you wear it only 5 times and then throw away, the price is 50,- (€2). Silver ring, that has been gold plated can cost 2000,- (€75) but you’ll get the same price after wearing it 40 days. That’s like a month and 10 days. And it will last much longer than that.



Cheap bijoux is a mass production thing. So yes, it can happen you and your classmate will rock the same earrings. Fashion jewelry has options. You can either go to the boutiques that are in every bigger mall or you can search for some new design from the local jewelry designers. 


A piece of jewelry from expensive metals will last long if you give it proper care. Silver has tendencies to darken and it’s quite soft so beware of scratches. On the other hand, it can be easily polished so restored to its previous glory. Every metal needs different sort of care and it’s advised to ask at the store how to care for the specific piece. If you give it some love, it will be finishing touch to your outfit for decades.

This article has been written in collaboration with a handmade jewelry Mooyyy designed by Czech jewelry designers. 


Style Update

Tereza Šťastná


You might want to know about my current status on sustainable fashion since I haven’t posted anything that I would make by myself for the last year.

To be honest, I was a bad girl and bought quite a lot of things. At first, I gained some weight in the past years so some of my clothes hardly fit plus my taste in clothes has changed since my early 20s. Because I work in the corporate world now, I cannot wear so many sporty clothes anymore and honestly, I feel more confident in more “women” clothes. It might be something about accentuating my curves.

But when I went to the stores, I always aimed for something more long-term style-wise in neutral colors or colors that really fit me. Pretty much light blue and black dresses, overalls, white shirt dress etc. Things that will not go out of style anytime soon. Perfect example is this dress made from certified organic cotton. The other goal was to find clothes that are very well made. COS is the perfect store for that. Most of their things is of a high quality, natural materials.


Another great source of clothes are second hands a.k.a. thrift stores. I discovered amazing online one, where I was able to find luxury brands for the break of the price and sometimes the clothes would have a pricetag.

So, yes, I changed pretty much my whole wardrobe which is now full of great materials, fitting clothes and flattering colors but they also fit my current style and age.


My tips on saving the water

Tereza Šťastná

It's crazy heat wave here. All I have planted in the garden dried up and the satellite pictures on the internet look like we were living closer to the equator. On the other hand it's great we have sunny summer, but those thunders are well appreciated.  

And during days like these, it's quite necessary to realize how precious our water is and start being conscious. I believe that everyone should start from changing their own habbits. Following list is of those things that I have started to do at home, in order to use our water more efficiently . 

1. Turning off the tap while brushing teeth

We should be brushing our teeth for two minutes. Can you imagine, how much water will be lost during that time? I've started just dipping my toothbrush into the water and drink the rinse water from a glass. 

2. Water from boiled eggs is great. 

The shell is a great source of calcium, so when you boil your eggs, it releases to the water. So just keep the mineral water and use it later on for your plants. They will be prospering. 

3. Using of leftover water

Planted pots are great place where to dump your leftover water. By that I mean water from the dryer (Yes, we do have a dryer for all the air bnb), water leaking from AC (yes our leaks), water in glass that someone hasn't finished, water from defrosting the freezer, water from dog bowls. 

4. Smart laundry

 I never run the washing machone unless really full and I use the shortest program. Using the long ones is not effective and it is very costly. Trust me, your machine will do the same job, even when running with lower temperature for the shorter time. Well, unless you have very dirty laundry from puking baby.

5. Collecting rainwater

I have the advantage, our window sills are very big, because I can use it for my rain collecting bowl. Again, great for flowers. Isn't urban gardening great? 

6. Mindfull shower

We are lucky enough to have big bathtub, even though I hardly use it. It has been months since I filled it in last time. I rather shower in the logical order. I wet my hair, turn off the water and use shampoo. Afterwards I wash the shampoo out and turn of the water again. Then I scrub my body, dirty summer sandal feet. Then I apply conditioner and soap on my body and wash off. When it's time to use the epilator, I do the dry method with baby powder, not with razor and cream. I like it more and there's no need for rinse. 

7. Dishwasher

Dishwasher is a great solution for your kitchen. These days, you can even get eco soaps, so it's a great way to save water and minimise your toxic footprint. 

How about you? How do you save more water? 


DIY - Tote bag from IKEA rug

Tereza Šťastná

I have a great DIY for you. Easy peasy tote bag from IKEA rug. It's done in couple of hours and it's quite cheap so you will manage to make it pre-vacay stress. I discovered this amazing DIY on my favorite blog Honestly WTF, so all the credit goes there. Anyway, it would be a shame not to show you the process and the result of mine. I admit the video was made a year ago so I can say, that the bag has been worn by me ever since.  

And when you're done with your bag, I would love to see the result, so don't forget to tag me on your social media. My IG account @dogandpineapple:) 

You'll need: 

  • IKEA SIGNE rug
  • sewing machine with heavy duty needle and thread
  • leather or faux leather handles 
  • tassles and a string




Tereza Šťastná

Recently, I wrote about our move to the new apt. And this time, I will tell you about our decision to update it. 

When we moved here, we knew already that floor reconstruction will be needed. Prague flats usually have amazing hardwood floors and our flat is no exception but it was covered in gloss coat that has been peeling of. Since we were doing the floors, we also decided to paint. And it all went from there. 

 So to the painting we added painting the roof beams. At this point we fucked up, as Sasho used dark brown acrylic paint. It looked horrible, so I told him to buy white acrylic and he bought ivory. Both looked horrible and we decided that the best solutions is to sand off all the old and new paint and use just wood stain. It prolonged the reconstruction but it is worth it. 

 Another thing to repaint was the stair rails. It used to be in very nice matte black before but someone covered it in ugly silver paint that made it look very cheap. So we decided to go back to matte black. And it very nicely complemented to the waxed floor so the apt. is now 3 levels hgher. 

Plus for some time I have been convincing Sasho to change the lights as I hate the flat ceiling plates. He always made a face like it's not neccessary but the whole reconstruction process made him feel macho and he agreed. So we put spot lights. He actually loved the result so much he changed lights in the whole apartment. Spot lights are great way to focus the light to the places you really want to pop out and the whole room looks on another level. 

Of course I was checking out things on Pinterest for inspiration and saw some great kitchen counters, so I send it to my guy and epected answer like: "Are you insane?" but I received "Great, let's do this. So since we didn't want to invest in new kitchen, we just painted it black and added leather handles. Such an easy way but great lift up. 

Lastly, we changed some small details like ugly couch, light up dark spots and we would like to buy new fridge, leather couch and closets. But that some other time. Now just look how it all went down. 


What not to do on Facebook

Tereza Šťastná

Don't post pictures of your naked baby

Do not publish pictures that could easily end up on some kinky discuss forum like nyx

Realize, that public profile is public with all you publish on it. 

After posting, you are no longer owner of author rights to your own pictures. Which means the platform becomes the owner with all the copyrights. 

You gotta follow their rules or you get block. 

There's a record of all your clicks. That leads to targeting ads that are relevant for you, which always doesn't have to be cosmetics. 

Do not publish pictures of your friends without their consent. 

Do not publish photos / videos to which you don't have author rights at first place. 

Secure your account with two step verification

Check out your settings and apps you've connected so you can define, which data the platform can collect about you

Do not tage a place where you live

Don't click on weird links even though they come from your friends

Don't open apps like: "What did you do in your previous life" or "Where you'll be in 5 years" 

Do not post anything you might regret

Use adBlock

Don't make your kids look like morrons - they can sue you later on (like in case of this Austrian family)

Don't go in to unnecessary fights when you don't have the arguments

And mainly, don't make everything in your life spin around your social media





Why I exchanged wardrobe for a garden

Tereza Šťastná

 All of you, who know me personally, know I really love fashion. I watch catwalk streams from all over the world, I follow fashion personalities, I search for new talents, opinions, materials. And even though I've never been real part of this world I got to peek into it in the same way as I got to know the art community that I have sort of came from. Although it was alright to meet up with all those interesting people, I discovered it blocks my creativity instead of evolving it and I focus more on them than myself. 

  So I have come to interesting conclusion. I have to do, what actually charges me and inspires me. 

 Walk at a Museum is great as well as Parizska street, they are very creativity stimulating, it is not something I would done regularly. I was always most myself when I got to be in nature where I get the chance to reconnect with my roots. 

I believe that I might be getting overwhelmed by everything that's happening. I get frustrated by the politics, commercials screaming at me on the internet, tv, books. So that's why I need to be somewhere I can build something, put my energy into it. 

I just need to go somewhere to breathe.


Books to read in 2018

Tereza Šťastná

I have to admit, I love reading. It's sort of a ritual for me to disconnect from the digital world I live during my working hours. Unfortunatelly I am not one of those readers who are able to finish a book in three days, since I hardly find time to read and I am not able to continuously read for more than one hour. What is my favorite genre? Honestly, books written by people that inspire me - non fiction / biography / motivation. My favorite writers are Chelsea Handler and Ellen DeGeneres. I can recoomend both as theyr books are true relaxation and fun. 

 Lately I have been interested in the topic of fashion industry or books written by women that can give me some wisdom value. You all might know the bestseller from Sofia Amoruso - Girlboss, right? She showed that if you believe in yourself and you're not affraid, you can work yourself up. And while the topic of business is quite interesting, I started to read more about fashion and lifestyle. And these are my tips: 

2017 christmas-2.jpg


How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are 

It's a great funny book that gives you overview of your troubles with man and will show you how to be above things. I cannot summarize it differently. Parisians don't overanalyze themselves, at least not in public and when they are at home they do. Well, this book gave me some humorous tips. 


Love × Style × Life

 Very well written book from my favorite "blogger" Garance Doré. I put the word blogger in quotes because she is more of a persona then blogger. She creates great content with her team  - from articles at Atelier Doré to her podcast. She is very talented photographer and illustrator that entered fashion world. I admire her connection to reality, her style that isn't ruled by trends. She shows that world of fashion can be great but style is more about your approach to dressing. up. If you find your style, you'll always look great. She gives advice on how to find your own style, and shop more consciously. I am currently reading the book but even after the first half, I can recommend it. 



Are you also such a fans of Chrissy Teigen as I am? She is a great mom, loving wife and very modern girl with great sense of humor. 

And world wonder - this gorgeous model knows how to cook in the most amazing way! I was expecting her cookbook to be parade of superfoods and salads, but boy I was wrong! Her cookbook is full of great recipes that are ususally fusion between Thai cuisine her mom cooked and American from dad's side. It's all tasty and picant. 

There are some thai classics, salads, burgers, steaks, baked veggie and pasta. Plus some funny stories.  

Sustainable fashion

Dress [With] Sense

This is currently my bible of sustainable fashion. There is plenty of info thank which you'll realize how easy changing approach to style is. There are some great interviews with people from the industry that started to pay attention to responsible clothing. 

Do you have any tips for great book? Let me know down in the comments. 



Lookback to 2017

Tereza Šťastná

First week in the year is officially over and I finally had a moment to realize what I want in 2018 and also to reflect what 2017 brought. 

When I look back one year ago, I remember the insecurity I entered it with. I was loosing a client by the end of January that was a big part of my salary. And when they announced me, the cooperations will end by the beginning of January, I was really worried how will I do in 2017 money-wise. Then the second hit from another client came, as they gained the opinion, there is no need for online marketing for them. That didn't t really calm me down. With all that on my plate, my best friend gave birth and I knew that things are not going to be as they used to and I knew that 2017 is going to be transformational from more than one perspective. 

 As it usually is, as one opportunity closes, the other one arises. One job opportunity showed up but it turned to be a bad one and not only it costed me money but also my friendship. It helped me to decide, I do not want to freelance for small companies as it takes more energy and smaller clients usually don't understand the importance you have for them. I quit my job also, as I had no perspective of moving anywhere and my personal development was last on my boss's list. They gave no trust in my creativity and projects. So when I received offer from one headhunter, I accepted the offer and became HR Marketing Manager at SKODA AUTO. And I won. Left my last job in order to welcome new personal development opportunities. 

I've met great group of people, got great leadership that wants me to grow and improve, I work with great agencies and many things settled in my mind. Yes, I have less free time to do my personal projects but I am currently very happy with how things are. 

And now, me and my friend are on a good way to get our friendship to where it was. I guess you could say, that everything settles. One gets what he has on his mind. If you are to be unhappy from something, start from yourself. If you're unhappy, try to think how you can imrpove your situation. Every single tragedy I experienced in my life moved me forward and I am happy for it. 

So try to approach your life with a little bit more of a distant perspective. Happy 2018! 




Tereza Šťastná

How did you enjoy the Holidays? 

I decided, I will rest during the celebration time, physically and mentally. The before-holidays-rush really took its toll on me as it was quite an extreme since I had to finish up one big project at work, plus also had to prepare my home for celebration with my sister and dad. 


I finished the work project and spend 21st and 22nd shopping for gifts and on 23rd I was preparing Christmas Eve (divorced parents) family dinner with my dad. Thankfully we stayed at Prague so Sasho and our two dogs could join as well. 

The next day I went to pick up my sister and we went together to celebrate Christmas Eve with mom a and the Christmas Day with wider family. This time is always full of mixed emotions and feelings and it's not always great for me. We have some members of the family who really don't like celebrating with family and even thought it should be a holiday of forgiveness and love, it doesn't always feel like it and the toxic atmosphere spoils it for me. Christmas is not always a pink love holiday, but we should make the best effort to make the best out of it and we should try to get along. 

 Aside from that, the holidays were quite nice. It was great to get together and dine as we never do during the year, give a little bit of that hapiness and I even managed to make my mom's dream come true. 


On 26th I got a flu, so three next days I wasn't able to do anything and I have a feeling I really haven't enjoy the free time, but that happens. 

If you are interested in what I got, well this year I am really happy and the Ježíšek (Czech version of Santa is Baby Jesus) brought me such a nice gifts. There was a new iPhone, nice earrings, great books, very nice scented candles and plenty of bath cosmetics. I will show them later on. 

But now I am interested, what did you do during the holidays? What did you get and mainy, how do you celebrate with your family? Let me know. 

Pa T.