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Dog & Pineapple is a fresh new lifestyle blog from the downtown of Prague. You can find personal articles about inspiring people, healthy living, fitness, beauty and fashion. 


NARS is starting to support animal testing

Tereza Šťastná

I am so dissappointed!

I keep living under the impression, that we are so far regarding animal testing in cosmetic industry and brands are stopping this horrid practice but it seems like the opposite. 

When I was recently searching for a foundation that is has not been tested on animals, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. At the end of it I was choosing from two cadidates  Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream (Douglas) a NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (Sephora). The winner happened to be Smashbox and today, I am really happy of my selection. 

NARS announced their entry at the Chinese market yesterday where you have the animal testing required by law. In their long message they are saying how they are against this practice and that they deffinitely don't test on animals unless required by law. Which China is. They claim to support the fight against the practice which frankly seems like a PR BS strategy more than the interest to actually change something.

I meantioned this previously in the article about Cosmetics Brands That Support Animal Testing. Selling their products in China nevermind the requirement I personally see as support of the testing. On the other hand I am willing to support brands that are not entering the market for this reason. Brand, that tests even when by 1% is still testing/supporting testing and shouldn't claim they are against it. I kind of understand from the NARS's statement that they enter the country to fight the requirement. BTW, I got the same statement from Kiehl's. I mean, seriously? It's corporate BS that simply has no logic and someone who knows how to use their brain knows it.  

Moments like this really reassure me about the importance of research of brands I want to buy or have products from. And next time base decision of how the brand values align with my own. And everyone should do the same according to their own values. Some of you might be actually OK with brands selling in China. I know that I am done purchasing at companies, who simply ditch their values in order to gain more profit like NARS does. 


When the pattern doesn't fit

Tereza Šťastná

Why haven't I posted any new outfit that I made? Oh how I would love to give you some sophisticated answer but to be honest, I screwed up big time two last pieces. 

 It's easy to assume that if someone knows how to make the clothes, they know how to make everything to fit perfectly. Well, I am quite the opposite. I know how to make something according to a sewing pattern but when it's time to make alterations I am the absolute zero. True that! 

When you have such an atypical figure like I do, it's hard to find the perfect fit, even to sew. Especially if you're self taught and you get your knowledge from Burda and YouTube videos. Whenever I take my measurements I get results for three different sizes. How am I supposed to get the correct fit? Last Winter I sewed sweatpants - the first ones were way too big, even though I selected pattern according to my measurements, second ones fit fine but I choose wrong elastic, the third ones came out perfect.

Another piece of clothing was supposed to be ruffled dress from the amazing pink silk-cotton blend I found on sale. I worked extremely hard to make them perfect, used great satin lining, all my stitches were straight and even, the ruffle was hand stitched, this time I trully felt like I made some haute couture by self learner's hands. When I was finished with the dress, I put it on and ouch! The dress was two sizes too big and looks like I am wearing pink floor mop.  

Unfortunatelly the fabric is too fragile to rip the stitches and sew it again plus there is the perfect lining so nothing to be done here. What now? 

Another try to use this fabric is the simple v-neck top with spagetti straps. I even went for the same size like the dress thinking that since it's not loose fit, it will fit perfectly since the dress didn't. Surprise, surprise! The top is hugging my breasts so tightly, that I will have to wait after I had breast reduction plastic surgery in many years from now on.

I am obviously very unhappy that I cannot wear any of my summer pieces, at least I have learned to re-measure constantly for the next time. Only if the dress didn't make me look like 8 kilos more than I already am. 


What to do with a weekend in Prague

Tereza Šťastná

Recently, I have been trying not to work on weekends and get out of the house to see something. When you work from home, you rarely get out and you start to feel somehow blah. So what to do with the weekend when you are stuck in Prague? 

1. Avon March

This Saturday you can join this year's Avon March. I will join for the first year ever as a part of Cosmopolitan team. It's a great opportunity to walk through the city and support a good cause. This year's motto is #neres (don't bother) so don't bother with anything else, and simply come. We can meet! 

Take a look at our Cosmobloggers team invite:

2.  Retro exhibition at National Museum

This exhibition has been prolonged to the end of July, and it's definitely worth to be seen. Especially if you love fashion. The exhibition follows fashion styles from the 20th century and their influence on current trends. You can explore all the patterns and materials and get inspired for your own wardrobe refresh or sewing. 

3. Tanning at Ladronka park

 I love to go to Ladronka and get some of that Vitamin D. It's a place where people go to skate, run and simply be active but there are almost no picknickers or sun tanners so the place offers some privacy and peace. Just pick the right spot, especially if you want to have some shade because the place by the trees near parking doesn't always smell like nature. Lay down your blanket  behind the running track in the field. 

4. Weekend breakfasts

 Every weekend I try to treat myself with some nice breakfast with coffee, bagel and a book. It's kind of a ritual of mine when I can keep up with my reading and actually it has helped me to read way more. You can often meet me at Anděl's Starbucks where I drink my Cold Brew and list through my book. Currently reading Princess from Sarajevo ( not sure it has been translated to English but I highly recommend. 


Style Icon: Josie Packard - Twin Peaks

Tereza Šťastná

It have been waiting for this moment for many years. The Twin Peaks series are coming back to our screens with big part of its original cast. I certainly cannot wait and to honor this moment I want to share my yet another style icon, even though she's a fictional character, Josie Packard, played by Joan Chen. 

Josie  was a special character, setting her aside with not only her personality but a style. She was beautiful, mysterious and her personality changed episode from episode. Once she was the perfect criminal, the other very fragile girl. 

These characteristics are reflected in her style as she's the most seductive person even though she's also a bit tomboy. Her sex appeal is just too hard to ignore. It's a powerful woman, that got up from the bottom and took a full control of her body and she's well aware of her power and knows how to use it to her advance. That's exactly how she plays with the audience as well. 

As for her style, she is different from the others. They will wear endless combinations of sweaters and skirts, but Josie is wearing pants, dresses and even sinful lingerie and satin silk robe. 

She wears short pixie cut but gives it feminine touch with simple make-up. We can see her almost in every take with red lips and gold eyeshadows. Nothing more, nothing less. Her character is very complex even when it comes to visual presentation. 

Josie Packard as a fashion inspiration


What has happened to my hand?

Tereza Šťastná

I posted pictures on Instastories but I haven't explained yet, what really happened. And so today is such a mini anniversary of the event and I am writing to tell it all. 

My family has decided to celebrate Easter weekend together at our cottage at Vysočina region, including my Sasho and our two dogs. I was nervous because I knew from the past, that they are not very big friends with my mom's dog but I got convinced we will manage them all at our big garden. 

When we came on Friday, we released our two pooches to the garden and afterwards Charlie (westie) who was in the building since my father was out playing golf. 10 minutes has passed and there were some conflicts between them so we decided to separate them. Fortunatelly enough we have two parts garden, each separated by fence, so Yoda and Fiona could be closed in one and Charlie second one. All we had to figure out were holes in the fence because Charlie is Mr. Escape and he is able to knock out wood from a fence just to check out local bitches. We managed somehow to close the holes and we could relax for a bit. I played with our couple, while Sasho played with Charlie - for about a minute. Mr. Escape then started searching for a way to get in and that he did. He went bonkers in a second and attacked Yoda so their life or death fight started.  

I am not going to explain we've been through training but I am no expert so the only way I knew how to solve the situation was to tear them appart. Have you ever tried to hold on to a 10 kg heavy dog on each arm? Of course they got loose and started snapping at each other frantically while sasho was trying to open the coroded doors and get to us. Meanwhile those two idiots bite into my thumb. Yoda to the thumb muscle and charlie to the finger itself and they started ripping. Few seconds later Sasho got finally in and teared those insane beasts apart. At that point I noticed that the bites are actual skin puncture bites and not only that, my thumb was ripped open, muscles injured and there was a blood streaming. 

It sounds like a long event, I know, but I think it all happened under one or two minutes. Sasho closed the dogs in the house, separately of course and we went to the bathroom to see and clean up the mess, pulling dog's hair out of my wound. I went into shock and was about to faint so I started to repeat: "we need to get to the hospital". Fortunately I saw that my autopilot works just fine because all I had in mind was to wrap my hand in clean towel and raise it above the heart so it doesn't bleed much. We sat in the car and drove off to the nearest city to find a hospital. 

We didn't find any as well as any doctor who would take care of emergency on friday evening. We had to drive to another city further away. 

As we arrived we rushed into the main building and I was finally under supervision of bitchy nurse that would deserve a slap and doctor with the biggest ego like he is some kind of best traumatologist in the Republic. I had to go to the OR and there I listened to the doctor blabbing how important it is that he cleans it perfectly and that he is the greatest doctor of all, plus he showed me how his tools can go through and through my hand. When I asked the nurse, if she would be so kind and cleaned wound on my other hand as well she just told me to go and wash it off in the second room and come back for some disinfection. On top of everything they called Sasho to be exotic boyfriend for which I kind of blame living in redneck town even though 90% of them will go to the balkan this summer for their vacation. 

Cast on top of it, antibiotics, bed rest orders and bring a paper claiming my dog doesn't have rabies. That was the end of this episode. By Monday morning I would be taken care of in Motol, here in Prague, where all the doctors were amazing and treated me the best way possible. 

Four weeks later, my wounds are closed but far from healed. Tendons are OK, but the swelling on the joints make my thumb unable to move, the scar is hard and muscle shortened. It will be long physio. I have damaged nerves as I lack feeling on my thumb's sides and the movement is horrid. I call it Barbie thumb. 


Sew the SS17 trend: Ruffles

Tereza Šťastná

As normcore is slowly fading to be forgotten, minimalism still lasts but steps aside to make space for maximalism. All blogs are filled with bell sleeves, ruffled tops, deconstructed shirts and ruffled bodices.

And since May the most romantic month is slowly approaching, why not to sew something romantic to wear on nice evening date stroll in the park. Here are my tips for sewing patterns.

Burda 02/2017 #116 - Ruffle Sleeve Swing Dress

Sewing Rabbit - One Shoulder Ruffle Blouse

Named Minya Pelerine Tee

Ralph Pink - Ariani Dress

Style Arc - Giselle Dress


A year with responsible wardrobe

Tereza Šťastná

Last week there was a nice interview with me on Cosmobloggers about sustainable fashion and it made me realize that it has been over a year since I changed my aproach to fashion in a more radical way.  

To make myself clear, I don't want to be profiled as some environmenal snob because at first, I don't support radicalism in any way and at second, it's almost impossible to set yourself appart from consuming completely. And to my opinion it would be buck-passing to refuse one and support the other, even unconsciously. To explain, I would like to bring it to the extreme case scenario: for one to live trully sustainable life, they would have to live isolated from the world and produce their own everything like electricity, build their own house from their self made materials, weave their own fabrics to sew their own clothes. Do you understand me? It happens to me also, I need to go to the store from time to time and I did in the past year. But I would like to share what the year of responsible approach to fashion gave me and took from me.

1. Realization I have too many clothes, I am never going to wear

My family always raised me to take care of my clothes, which is great. On the other hand, they also raised me to hold on to things that I have and create a bond with them. In the past year, I realized what a problem it is. I have my wardrobe full of clothes, that don't fit or don't express me anymore and I don't have the heart to give them away. 

I worked on that a little and gave away many clothes piling on top of each other. The unwearable ones are now my cleaning towels and the rest I donated. 

But when I want to buy something I now have to be 100% sure I will wear it. 

2. Found which fits, patterns and materials are comfortable for me 

I left so many clothes untouched in my closet, just because I don't feel good wearing them. Sometimes it's the way they look on me, other times it is about the fit. And when something is uncomfortable, I avoid it like devil avoids the cross. Truth is that knowing this, I bought only things, that I already wore like 20x times. 

3. There are thing I draw the line at

Socks. No idea how to make thin cotton socks so the only way I see of getting them is unfortunatelly to buy them.  

Lingerie. There are many tutorials on how to make va-va-voom lingerie and I will try them one day. Unfortunatelly I don't know how to make lingerie as today, and I do not have the time that I would need to study how to make it, so I am left to buy it for now. 

Jeans. Denim is a monster that feeds on broken needles, and a stone to my sewing machine. Technically Jeans are not easiest pants to make at least not on my level of sewing skills, so I'don't dare. The fading blue effect is done manually by scratching. Not a chance to make it at home now. There's an option to get tailored jeans but get ready for higher price. 

Activewear. I used to work for Nike and Reebok, so I have pretty nice collection of workout clothes at home and I have no need buying it. But I even though I have been considering making my own this year, I won't be able to sew strong hold bra for my d-e cups. 

4. care is crucial

Maybe it's not such a good idea to say it out loud but whatever. I have a problem with sweat stains. All my white clothes are destined to be ruined from the beginning. So what to do about that? I found that bile soap helps. But about that some other time. Important is, that every time I get a stain, I try to remove it, so I can wear my clothes as long as possible.  

The same goes for lint pilling. Sometimes it appears at places with the lot of friction and makes the clothes looking horrible. But you can spend little money and buy lint remover, that will help you to remove it. There's cheaper version using razor but be carefull because I, of course, made a hole with it into so many sweaters. 

And the last tip is to have clothes for outside and other for home. I bought great pants in second hand last year and already ruined them as I made a hole that got so big, my ass is showing and it's impossible to sew.  :(

5. I've learned to resist

Shops are full of beautiful clothes that I would love to wear immediately. The problem is only in the head. If you don't buy the thing immediately, you will most probably forget about it. I exchanged the pleasure of shopping for inspiration search for my sewing. Plus I've stopped coming to the stores to seek therapy or pleasure. Well maybe for one day only. 

6. sewing fabrics can be hell

The worst is, that it is impossible to find origin. I tried to find some czech manufacturers and I succeeded, I haven't try anything yet but I will order soon. Anyone with a suggestion for a EU based linen producer? I feel that's going to be a hit. 

And that's about it. Lastly, I will share a purchase, I regret the most. This poncho from H&M, I bought year and a half ago. I wear it but it is honestly the simplest thing to make, and you'll soon get a DIY. 



Cosmetic brands that test on animals

Tereza Šťastná

I am mad at myself.

I am upset because I always talk about sustainable fashion, yet I forgot that cosmetics is issue as well. I do publish some cosmetic DIY from time to time, but I made that post recently where I praise Kiehl's face moisturizer that helps me with my skin but I promoted a brand that tests on animals and what's worse, they are part of the massive concern that is famous for animal torture - L'oreal. So, the viral video circulating the internet with the hurt monkey in a cage in L'oreal laboratories gave me the much needed slap that reminded me, this problem exist and it's important to talk about it and pay attention the same way I do with fashion. 

So I have decided to write an article about brands that seem like they don't test on animals but they do. It's a good research for me as well since I am thinking of getting new mascara and foundation.  


One might thought this brand is way over animal testing since the image is somewhere between tattoo parlor and pharmacy. But they do and it's such a disapointment. I love their products but I guess I will have to find another brand that does well with my skin, I hope I will find an alternative and as soon as I do, I will be here with a tip. 


This brand started as a "Cruelty-free" brand but changed its strategy as they entered the Chinese market. In China it's required by law for the make-up products to be tested this way.

It's such a shame when brand looses its values because of expansion. 

Anyhow, M.A.C. is part of Esteé Lauder corporation, that owns also Bobbi Brown, Too Faced a more, you can see all here. It seems that not everyone does animal testing but another suprise, the next brand does as well. 


Another suprose, another disapointment. I have been searching for a make-up that won't upset my dermathitis and will be very light. I got tip to try Clinique but before I made my trip, I found out that it's not necessary to go.  

Yves Rocher

French cheap cosmetic that seems very nature friendly and yet it's not. Here in Czech republic, they unfortunately do very well due to their price and very nice perfumed shower gels. But ever since I discovered Rituals, which is cruelty-free brand, I never came back here. 


Their universal body oil is the "it" product right now. It's a massive hit, being sold in pharmacy as a miracle oil. Unfortunately tested on animals, so use rather the coconut oil. 


Another French cosmetic brand, little pricey. I love their Vervain line, but they are on the black list so no-no. 


Lip balm hiding egg, celebrated by all bloggers, even thought I never understood why. Well maybe for the packaging. Try my recipe, add your own perfume and have all natural lip balm. Super easy. 

Yves Saint Laurent

Big, big, big dissapointment again! They sell the best mascara that looks great and smells amazing. Plus their highlighter is great. Well, let's search for some alternative. 

O.B. Tampons

Yes, even women hygeene products are not spared. Always has been mentioned as a cruel brand before but O.B. Tampons not so much. Plus the whitened cotton releases toxic chemicals from the cotton bleaching right on your mucous membrane and that's not OK. I already wrote about it in the article, here. 

Many more...

Perfumes are problem with big brands like Escada, Gucci, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Arden, Kenzo and more.... plus hair care and more cosmetics... 

Here is a great list of confirmed brands that test on animals:


DIY - bronzer

Tereza Šťastná

There's no way to finish make-up without using bronzer these days, especially if your face is not very defined, like in my case.  

Last week I just ran out of mine I used until now so I decided to make a new one, by myself. It's incredibly easy and home-made bronzer smells very nice and you don't need many things. Plus to make one doesn't cost even 5,- crowns and you'll have it in organic quality.  

So, what do you need? 

All in all, only thing you really need is cocoa powder. Buy the baking cocoa powder not Granko or Nesquik. Duch cocoa is the base to which you can add potato or corn starch, that will help you dilute the final shade. If you have some leftover cosmetic glitter pigment in nude or slightly orange, you can add that too. I won't tell you how much of what you need because that all depends on what kind of shade you want. You can also add carrot powder (you'll find one online) to make your bronzer more orange. 

Mix thoroughly and press the mixture into prepared container.  

It still is a powder though, so dip the brush and dust off the excess from it. You can also buy pressing kit and formula that will hod it together, but it won't be so organic anymore. 


Minimalism and its hype

Tereza Šťastná

I came across one article this morning that raises the question if minimalism is basically the new equivalent of yoga, kale and green smoothies for rich people of the valley. You can read the original article here, on The Guardian

The article raises a question whether or not is minimalism just the new way of consumerism and even though I agree with the lifestyle turning into massive bubble that everyone is obsessing with and I get the necessity of critique or questioning the style especially when it's pass its peak of trend, I think the author was just biased and out of line hateful without digging deeper into minimalism's roots and trying to understand why this is happening. 

 I really wanted to comment and express my opinion about the matter because I don't consider myself a minimalist from a lifestyle point of view as I am suffocating in the amount of shoes, cosmetics, books, arts and crafts tools and photography equipment stuffed in boyfriend's apartment, but I do love the aesthetic of it and I am trying to incorporate it in my life and mostly I appreciate what minimalism becoming mainstream does to public. Maybe I won't use such a profound language since I am not an English native speaker, but you'll get my point.

Aesthetic and minimalism in art

 Let's start with the aesthetic of it because art is where the minimalism originates from. Before it became art direction it was a thought that sparked all modernist desire to simplify art styles either by color, shape, technique... I won't go into the depth because that would require to dig out all the notebooks from art history class notebooks from high school and college as I have a terrible memory for names but look for cubism, suprematism (not the KKK shit but look for the name Malevich), De Stijl pretty much all modernism styles. It is ridiculous to say that minimalism is only an aesthetic in the negative sense when it was one from the beginning.

Yes, as the society's interest in art is shifting, minimalism gets into our homes in a form of interior design but why would that be wrong? Interior design is form of applied art for once same as fashion design, why would that be something to judge? Remember, I am still talking about the aesthetic only. 

Minimalism in day-to-day life

Since I already mentioned interior design and fashion, the original article throws a mud on minimalism being the "fastest way to be chic" and that is water to my mill (Czech expression). 

Fashion changes all the time, the styles, patterns and cuts, all is re-cycled every season. But we saw some pieces to be worn all the time and never go out of style - denim jeans, single color t-shirts, white shirt, black leather jacket and a black suit jacket, little black dress. Those are the pieces that everyone has in their wardrobe and can wear any time and that's why it became base for creating a capsule wardrobe that everyone talks about now. Maybe we just grew tired of changing trends every season as it costs us money and space. So what is so wrong of having perfectly curated capsule wardrobe containing more expensive but better quality pieces? 

If we look at successful people who gave something to society, they mastered what's called uniform dressing or clothing. Look at Steve Jobs and his jeans with black turtle neck, Bill Gates with shirt and jeans, Mark Zuckerberg wearing jeans and gray t-shirt. What might seems as a lack of inspiration is actually simplifying things as simple as getting dressed every morning. So if you find what is working for you, you look great and feel great in it, go ahead do that. You don't need to be bothered with the latest trends, everything in your closet matches with each other, everything fits and people will start to recognize your signature style. 

The capsule wardrobe is great for the environment as it reduces your shopping needs and creates less waste, it has effect on the mass production chain and saves you money that you can invest in something of a local production, higher quality and fairly paid work. 

As for the interiors, less clutter, easier clean up. Curated pieces that match, less distraction for your eyes. White-on-white in the house? Easier to decorate and change the mood of your house with just simply changing color of pillows. Marble or wooden decoration? Natural materials in your home. Why on earth is this wrong? 


 What I see as a problem with minimalism is, it became a cult. And maybe that's what author of the article meant in the first place. Maybe it was just frustration of how minimalism became this "hot topic" of every youtube video or blog post. Some youtubers admit their traffic came from doing minimalism videos where they all repeat basically the same things and their subscribers bash them for wearing a mascara because "that's not the minimalist way". I am frustrated with this also. This is exactly what sparks the judgement on people who are living minimalist lifestyle. It makes public think that true minimalist are some hippies not wearing any deodorant because when they have the bottle in their bathroom they are unhappy. I get that. 

 I had to check google trends analytics to see how is minimalism doing in search data. 

You can see that since The Minimalist podcast started in late 2015, there has been slight increase of the interest in the topic but then there is massive growth with release of their documentary. It is CRAZY but it also says something about society. We are overwhelmed by the stuff we surround ourselves with and we desire much more simple ways to live. 

 To be honest, I get the author's frustration with superficial society and to some point the overuse of the concept upsets me as well but nobody should feel bad for liking some aesthetic even if it is trend or not. And even though adding #minimalism or #minimalove might be raping the original concept and helping to establish the movement as a new consumerism trend, why would we stop posting it as long as there is a group of people that resonates with it same way as we do. At least it will beat the stupid trend of glamorizing shopping hauls.